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Make an atonement cover of pure gold - two and a half cubits long and a cubit and a half wide.
Not only is the Cubit Chair compact, it is also easy to clean and maintain.
Noah's Ark was about 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high.
In the book of Genesis, Noah is commanded to build an ark which is 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high to house himself, his family and two of every species of animal.
Stukeley defined the cubit as being six palms in length.
5 billion cubit feet of natural gas per day, which meets just 50% of its total energy needs, and thus Statoil has tremendous prospects to invest in Pakistan and can earn lucrative profits.
Belgravia is considered one of London's best and most prestigious real estate addresses, developed by Lord Richard Grosvenor and gentleman builder Thomas Cubit in the 1820s.
Students may make cubit sticks, and measure different objects in the classroom in cubits.
The researchers also use Cubit, developed by Sandia National Laboratories of Albuquerque, N.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 The gall bladder; 2 Trevor Eve; 3 James Earl Ray; 4 Iran; 5 The cubit.
CollabNet Desktop, Eclipse Edition reportedly features: the use of the Eclipse Mylar task-focused UI to update and synchronize project tasks, issues, or artifacts that are tracked and stored in the CollabNet development platform; the use of Subclipse to version and synchronize Subversion-based code hosted in the CollabNet environment; the ability to directly search on openCollabNet to find product extensions and community resources; direct integration within Eclipse to CollabNet Enterprise Edition; as well as a web interface for CollabNet's CUBiT global virtualization solution.
SourceForge Enterprise Edition, along with CollabNet's entire product portfolio--CollabNet Enterprise Edition, CollabNet CUBiT, and Subversion--will be fully supported and enhanced over time.