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(chemical engineering)
In a plastics molding operation, material remaining in the transfer chamber after the mold has been filled.
(science and technology)
Material rejected for being below standard grade.


Any building material rejected as being below standard quality.

cull, brack, wrack

A piece of lumber or brick of a quality below the lowest accepted grade or below specifications.
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Illinois 15 13 VINCE CULLERS ADVERTISING Chicago, Illinois 16 11 SPIKE/DDB New York, New York 17 16 THE KING GROUP INC.
Cullers will report to Frank Maylett, inContact Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Global Alliances.
This sent a reminder to all that while there's camaraderie among most of the agency owners (Tom Burrell, an old friend of Cullers, attended the gala after the shift was announced), business is business.
Cullers, Roquel "Billy" Davis, Bruce Gordon, Arthur Ochs "Punch" Sulzberger, Stuart B.
Cullers was also the second-highest yielding grower in the contest by finishing second in this category with Pioneer hybrid 31P41 with 338.
Kent Cullers, developer of the SETI signal processing algorithms, said three qualities of SystemView are of particular value to the SETI system designers: the ability to simulate both analog and digital subsystems; the ability within digital subsystems to do bit accurate simulations with full control of register size, and to easily examine frequency response and easily detect error conditions; and the ability to translate a digital design directly to a Xilinx FPGA.
Cullers Breaks Record With Pioneer Variety 94M80 - Yielding 139 Bushels/Acre
39 bushels per acre, Cullers is the winner of the conventional category of the 2006 Missouri Soybean Association (MSA) yield contest.