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(chemical engineering)
In a plastics molding operation, material remaining in the transfer chamber after the mold has been filled.
(science and technology)
Material rejected for being below standard grade.


Any building material rejected as being below standard quality.

cull, brack, wrack

A piece of lumber or brick of a quality below the lowest accepted grade or below specifications.
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Cullers brings over 20 years of experience to inContact from both hosted software and telecommunications sales at start-up and multi-national companies.
inContact is clearly the leader in this space and is poised to take advantage of huge market opportunities," said Cullers.
This sent a reminder to all that while there's camaraderie among most of the agency owners (Tom Burrell, an old friend of Cullers, attended the gala after the shift was announced), business is business.
Now calling itself the "Oldest newest African American ad agency," Cullers plans an aggressive pursuit of new business to add to existing accounts like Amoco, Pizza Hut and Visa.
Cullers, Roquel "Billy" Davis, Bruce Gordon, Arthur Ochs "Punch" Sulzberger, Stuart B.
Kent Cullers, developer of the SETI signal processing algorithms, said three qualities of SystemView are of particular value to the SETI system designers: the ability to simulate both analog and digital subsystems; the ability within digital subsystems to do bit accurate simulations with full control of register size, and to easily examine frequency response and easily detect error conditions; and the ability to translate a digital design directly to a Xilinx FPGA.