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in astronomy, the maximum height in the sky reached by a celestial body on a given day. At the culminate the body is crossing the observer's celestial meridiancelestial meridian,
vertical circle passing through the north celestial pole and an observer's zenith. It is an axis in the altazimuth coordinate system.
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 and is said to be in upper transittransit,
in astronomy, passage of a body across a meridian or passage of a small body across the visible disk of a larger one. (The passage of a large body across a smaller one is called an eclipse or occultation.
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This we call the culminating point of the attack.--As the object of the attack is the possession of the enemy's territory, it follows that the advance must continue till the superiority is exhausted," this cause, therefore, impels us towards the ultimate object, and may easily lead us beyond it.--If we reflect upon the number of the elements of which an equation of the forces in action is composed, we may conceive how difficult it is in many cases to determine which of two opponents has the superiority on his side.
For many it has spoken for itself quite forcefully in the unfolding drama of world events since the professor first propounded his Clash concept: the bitter cultural straggles of the Balkans and the Middle East; the Russian war in Chechnya; the Indo-Pakistani stand-off; the ethnic bloodbaths in Africa; the increasingly intense and widespread hostility toward America by Islamic fundamentalists, manifest in multiple "terrorist" attacks culminating in the September 11 conflagrations.
Reading Miserable Miracle by itself is a sufficiently grand "experience" indeed and a successful "experiment" without venturing onward, and inward, and (for so culminating is the situation) upward and downward at the same instant.
DSRC, with its wireless LANs, could play an instrumental role ushering in a truly digitally connected vehicle and culminating into national networks in the long term.
This included revamping our core curriculum, the creation of a capstone culminating seminar that reviews all major content domains in psychology, and the enhancement and addition of research design courses.
The pounds 4,000 sponsorship, matched by a pounds 2,200 donation from the SCWs' Sportsmatch Cymru scheme, will be ploughed into the establishment of district and regional competitions culminating in a national final, which does not currently exist among schools.
Since 1985, Taylor has also led a number of airport and transportation Projects, culminating in the establishment of "SOM Airports." AREW members may attend the luncheon at no charge.
Culminating months of redeliberations on substantive issues raised by constituents in connection with the proposal on Business Combinations and Intangible Assets, on July 20 the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued two final statements.
Religious Right influence has been particularly noteworthy in personnel decisions, culminating in the nomination of John Ashcroft as attorney general.
As we look with justifiable horror at what has been taking place in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, we should not forget the Crusades, centuries of atrocities and pogroms against the Jews culminating in the Holocaust, and the manipulation of the region by colonial powers for our own purposes.
Herzog brings to light the relationship between an individual's journey, its destination and the culminating statement.
is a two-year, 60 credit hour program culminating in an empirical thesis.