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A jointed and usually hollow grass stem.
The solid stem of certain monocotyledons, such as the sedges.
(mining engineering)
Fine, refuse coal, screened and separated from larger pieces.



the cylindrical, usually hollow stem of a cereal grass. A culm is somewhat distended at the nodes, that is, at the site of leaf attachment. In some cereal grasses, for example, corn, the stalks are solid. The arrangement of the vascular bundles and mechanical tissues along the periphery of the culm imparts great resilience.

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First is culm bending-type lodging which occurs when plants fail to resist bending pressure, as is often seen in the upper internodes of rice affected by strong winds and rain.
The moisture content of the evaluated species is close to the desired maximum for the energy generation that is 30% (Table 2), constituting an advantage when using the culms for direct burning, with statistically significant differences between the evaluated individuals.
An additional five 3-year-old culms from Longchuan County were selected for determination of variation in fiber morphology (fiber length, lumen diameter, and tangential diameter) within one internode length.
Samples of 10 mm x 30 mm x thickness of culms wall obtained from the middle portion of internodes 6.
Next, the culm was removed from the vice, flipped to a horizontal position, and returned to the vice.
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The aerial part of each plant was introduced into a separate microwave-resistant polyester bag, thus forming an aeration compartment, while the culm of the plant was isolated with polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) tape commencing at a height of 2 cm above the substrate.
Factors found to affect shoot and culm yields included the number of culms of different ages in each stand and the age of culms at harvesting.
Due to a communication about a flowering event of a Bambusa tuldoides stand cultivated in San Isidro, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, we recorded measurements and information on the stand, culms, nodes, internodes, branching pattern, flowering branches and inflorescences.
In this method, the culms of elephant grass were cut at their base and the leaves at the nodes and end of the culms were trimmed.