cultural capital

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cultural capital

wealth in the form of knowledge or ideas, which legitimate the maintenance of status and power.

As proposed by BOURDIEU in particular, the notion of cultural capital extends the Marxist idea of economic capital. It is suggested that possessors of this form of capital exert considerable power over other groups, using it to gain preferred occupational positions and to legitimate their claims to a greater share of economic capital. Thus a dominant class has the symbols (language, culture and artefacts) through which it can establish HEGEMONY. Bourdieu argues that the school, through the mechanism of awarding of certificates and diplomas, is a key institution by which the established order is maintained. The language, values, assumptions and models of success and failure adopted within schools are those of the dominant group. Thus, success in the educational system is largely dictated by the extent to which individuals have absorbed the dominant culture, and by how much cultural capital is shared by the dominant group, thus ideologically legitimating the existing social order.

It is, in part, as a result of the operation of cultural capital that the working class are often upstaged in the competition for educational and occupational honours. This is because not only does cultural capital bring inherent advantages in learning, etc, but it is also possibly a factor leading to an undervaluation of formal qualifications, credentialled skills, etc, and a preference for more loosely defined ‘social characteristics’ by some employers, e.g. a preference for middle-class graduates from élite institutions, even when they possess inferior formal qualifications.

The concept of cultural capital involves a view of the advantages of human capital that differs from the main alternative theory the HUMAN CAPITAL theory (see also INTELLIGENCE). It is complementary to a further alternative to human capital theory i.e. screening theory, which has some shared features and some differences of emphasis -see SCREENING. Compare also FUNCTIONALIST THEORY OF SOCIAL STRATIFICATION.

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Mohamed Mounir is set to perform at the Karnak Temple on March 18 as part of a ceremony celebrating Luxor being the Arab Cultural Capital for the year 2017, before handing the Arab Cultural Capital flame to Oujda, Morocco for 2018.
The national body for the development and administration of cricket in Sri Lanka is building an international stadium in Jaffna, the northern capital as well as the cultural capital of the Tamil minority.
Music, images, projections, mapping, and lighting, added to the emotional closing ceremony of the Paphos 2017 Cultural Capital, on December 30, 2017, at the same place it kicked off in January of the same year in a central square of this western coastal town.
Our aim is thus to examine if and how cultural capital shapes the ways in which social agents approach various media and their affordances, i.
Tenders are invited for Organization and holding of the solemn closing ceremony of the republican action "The Cultural Capital of Belarus of 2017" Eligibility Criteria : Experience in organizing and conducting cultural events at the national level (at least three years).
TAP) - Cinema, theatre, visual arts, music, literature and poetry are on the agenda of the "Tunisian Cultural Days" that started on Monday in the Egyptian city of Luxor, Arab cultural capital in 2017.
Mr Watson said Labour's PS1bn Cultural Capital Fund would give the country's creative sectors an opportunity to bid for extra funding.
The purpose of this article is to confront the theory of cultural capital and social capital social reality in cross-border regions of three countries: Polish, Hungary and Ukraine, with particular emphasis on the role played by youth in these societies.
In short, individuals' class is based on not only on their economic capital (income and wealth, including housing), but cultural capital (tastes and interests, particularly familiarity with cultural goods valued by the dominant), and social capital (social networks, connections and ties).
Kuwait was proclaimed the Islamic Cultural Capital during the seventh conference of the Islamic ministers of culture.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian parliamentarians are writing a letter to President Hassan Rouhani to voice their protest at a recent decision by the Islamic, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (IESCO) to change the cultural capital of the Islamic civilization from Isfahan city to the Sudanese city of Sennar, a lawmaker disclosed.
Harnessing Cultural Capital for Sustainability: A Pan Africanist Perspective

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