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(i-mer -shŏn) Entry of a celestial body into a state of invisibility during an eclipse or occultation.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Immersion is a term used to describe the Sun or the Moon as it enters an eclipse. Sometimes the term is applied to occultations.

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The disappearance of a celestial body either by passing behind another or passing into another's shadow.
A mapping ƒ of a topological space X into a topological space Y such that for every xX there exists a neighborhood N of x, such that ƒ is a homeomorphism of N onto ƒ(N).
(science and technology)
Placement into or within a fluid, usually water.
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Councilor BG Guingona, the main proponent of the ordinance on the operations for Once Islas, says more activities are being planned for the island-hopping trip, such as surfing, zip line adventures and a cultural immersion village.
"This Department received a report from concerned parents whose children participated in a cultural immersion program organized by a foreign outfit, with endorsement from the school," Briones said in the memo.
Davao City is blessed with nature's beauty and bounty, its people are warm easing cultural immersion for its foreign participants.
Albania offers very traditional housing in its mountainous regions, allowing for cultural immersion. Mostly you will stay in old traditional stone houses called "Kulas," where the local hosts spoil you with home-cooked bread, honey, cheese and delicious homemade dishes, all made from their own domestic produce.
To give guests an authentic Jiuzhaigou experience, the resort has curated an annual event calendar that includes a series of unique moments covering nature exploration and cultural immersion from May till the end of the year.
"It was a lot of studying abroad and a lot of language and cultural immersion, which is really important for communication and interpersonal skills," she said.
KRTT is designed to introduce visitors to the Koyukon Athabascan way of life through several days of total cultural immersion. As a tribady owned- and operated-business, KRTT has set itself apart by stressing the importance of its connection to the land and water that sustain this subsistence-based community.
It emphasizes that indigenous tourism experiences and cultural immersion remain a big factor whether traveling within your own home country or jaunting to faraway lands.
The secondary school in Acharaile, Highlands, has worked tirelessly to develop a climate of progressive cultural immersion for all their pupils, whether they be new speakers or already living with the language.
Recommendation: Students learn world languages online through real-life communication, cultural immersion, performance-based tasks, and project-based learning.
There is an environment for unique cultural immersion for students, faculty and staff.

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