cultural pluralism

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cultural pluralism:

see multiculturalismmulticulturalism
or cultural pluralism,
a term describing the coexistence of many cultures in a locality, without any one culture dominating the region. By making the broadest range of human differences acceptable to the largest number of people, multiculturalism seeks
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cultural pluralism

  1. doctrines which emphasize the social advantages of cultural diversity and a fostering of cultural richness.
  2. a social situation in which cultural diversity prevails. See also MULTICULTURALISM, PLURALISM, GLOBALIZATION OF CULTURE.
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Though lauded for its cultural pluralism, San Francisco continues to marginalize African American neighbourhoods with the fewest resources.
Regardless of these ongoing debates about the model, one constant is the promotion of a conception of Quebec as a pluralist host society--emphasizing French as a common public language; the primacy of liberal-democratic institutions and values; and evolving conceptions of cultural pluralism with regards to the place of the majority culture.
The doctrinal literature defines cultural pluralism as an expression which describes the coexistence of more than one culture, within a determined area, without any of them dominating the region.
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Instead, evolving perceptions and practical compulsions lead individual societies to accept diversity and cultural pluralism," he added.
Cultural pluralism values diversity and implements policies of inclusion that cater to the requirements of all groups.
"It makes people feel so unwelcome in a country of religious and cultural pluralism," said Soltani.
The Jewish Origins of Cultural Pluralism: The Menorah Association and American Diversity.
Chairing the closure of a three-day international workshop on cultural diversity held in Hammamet, he also said democratic change requires deep conviction of cultural pluralism.
Cheatham has written widely on the psychosocial development of black college students; multicultural counseling and theory; and cultural pluralism. He earlier held teaching and administrative positions at Penn State, the U.S.
At its core, however, are two characteristics: a commitment to mildly redistributive economic policies within a capitalist economic system, and a belief in the value of cultural pluralism. These basic principles have manifested themselves through a variety of laws and legal institutions that developed in the United States since the 1930s.
Daniel Greene traces the emergence of the idea of cultural pluralism to the lived experiences of a group of Jewish college students and public intellectuals, including the philosopher Horace M.

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