culver hole

putlog hole

A hole left in a masonry or concrete wall to provide support for a horizontal framing member of scaffolding, and filled to match the wall after the scaffolding has been removed.
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A second incident involved two people who decided to climb the cliff at Culver Hole on Gower and got into difficulty.
And there's Culver Hole of course, a Pirates of the Caribbean-style eccentric masonry wall built between two rock faces with a staircase inside leading up to four floors, once a perfect safe hideaway for smuggled goods, now a bizarre citadel for seabirds and pigeons.
Now a project encouraging the growth of rare wild asparagus is being launched at Culver Hole on Gower.
Already these very rare plants are extinct in some parts of Britain and in order to prevent extinction at Culver Hole, samples of tissue have been taken and the plant has been cloned.
Not only are the views fabulous, but Llangennith has plenty of walks, a dramatic rock pool called Blue Pool, and stunning natural formations such as a rock archway called Three Chimneys, and Culver Hole, a bone cave.
Mae sn hefyd am enwogrwydd smyglwyr Penrhyn Gwi yr, lle adeiladwyd ogof smyglwyr arbenig - Culver Hole.