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Both Slash and Indian Killer are structured around a crucial tension in which the collective, cumulative trauma of dislocation, a trauma that exceeds historical specificity, is in fact grounded in specific historical articulations.
And a final example is found in Kentucky where the term injury means "any work-related traumatic event or series of traumatic events, including cumulative trauma arising out of and in the course of employment which is the proximate cause producing a harmful change in the human organism evidenced by objective medical findings."
Being the victim of maltreatment by one of the parents is a highly traumatic event, as the child, completely dependent on the parents, will experience the fact of being beaten, abused or neglected in a condition of painful impotence, which is the hallmark of every trauma; however, abuse repeated over time can be seen as cumulative trauma that is likely to induce disorganized reactions, though disorders and more severe behavior compared to a single isolated event of abuse: the child is in the paradoxical situation, generating an irresolvable fear of receiving ongoing physical and psychological injury from people that should provide support and protection.
This dimension identifies four types of traumas: Type I is a single event; Type II traumas are sequences of previous events that have now stopped; Type III traumas are chronic and continuous conditions that may or may not stop in the future (e.g., discrimination) as well as chronic stress; and Type IV traumas account for cumulative trauma across the life course.
A developmental approach to complex PTSD: childhood and adult cumulative trauma as predictors of symptom complexity J Trauma Stress 2009; 22:399-408.
The cumulative trauma from the repetitive impact of running is likely to cause further joint damage and can set the stage for future osteoarthritis.
They play a very important role in the rehabilitation of workers stricken with back and neck injuries and cumulative trauma injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive motion injuries.
He explains what it is, what an injured worker is entitled to, the steps of filing a claim, whether the injury is covered, cumulative trauma disorders, what to do when injured, keeping records, the insurance company's role, dealing with an employer, taking charge of medical care, medical-legal evaluations, medical benefits, temporary and permanent disability benefits, supplemental job displacement benefits, death benefits, extraordinary workers' compensation benefits and remedies, benefits and remedies outside the workers' compensation system, settling the case, the appeals board, and finding a lawyer and other resources.
According to Wittes, expatriate challenges that increase risk of failure include: back-to-back assignments (similar to the cumulative trauma seen among veterans with multiple deployments), personal/family adjustments, lack of social support, and communication barriers.
While the manner of inflicting trauma and its resulting effects might be nearly infinite, in this Part, we focus on the two overarching issues that have been overlooked in the scholarship, but which are raised--implicitly--in a substantial number of MST claims: cumulative trauma, i.e., the interaction of multiple traumatic experiences over the veteran's life course, and hazing-related MST.
To avoid cumulative trauma, a person should not maintain a body posture for long periods of time [7].
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