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see cloudcloud,
aggregation of minute particles of water or ice suspended in the air. Formation of Clouds

Clouds are formed when air containing water vapor is cooled below a critical temperature called the dew point and the resulting moisture condenses into droplets on
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cumulonimbus (Cb)

cumulonimbus (Cb)
Towering clouds whose tops can rise to 65,000 ft and even higher. They are characterized by typical anvil-shaped tops when fully developed. Cbs, as they are popularly called, are thunderstorm clouds with extreme turbulence in them. They are associated with strong downdrafts under them. These clouds pose the maximum danger to aviation. Both downdrafts and updrafts exist within a cloud. On weather charts, cumulonimbus with clear tops are indicated by the symbol image; those without any clear-cut tops are indicated by the symbol image.
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You don't want to inadvertently encounter the interior of a cumulonimbus or its embedded lightning.
Despite the witness-pilot's report of cumulonimbus clouds in the area, there was no mention of a thunderstorm.
During cumulonimbus cloud formation, strong winds are also anticipated," the meteorologist said.
With moist air above the colder override, where cumulus if not cumulonimbus development is readily present, a likely result is a tornado.
And most of all, Hazlet says, don't forget to use the "Mark One eyeball" to maintain visual separation from cumulonimbus clouds if you can see outside--it's the best (and only sure) way to avoid thunderstorms.
In the afternoon cumulonimbus cloud will form, bringing rain showers and thunder to isolated places in the far west.
PAGASA explained that the convective activity brought about by intense heat triggers the formation of more cumulonimbus clouds or dark clouds associated with thunderstorms that brings rains.
Cumulonimbus clouds also develop in summer months over Hajar Mountain range.
All these conditions amount to a readiness to create Cumulonimbus cloud at will.
Cumulonimbus, stratus and cirrus are all types of what?