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1. a unit of capacity used in cooking equal to approximately half a pint, 8 fluid ounces, or about one quarter of a litre
2. a mixed drink with one ingredient as a base, usually served from a bowl
3. Golf the hole or metal container in the hole on a green
4. Christian religion the chalice or the consecrated wine used in the Eucharist
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in sports:

(1) Sports competitions conducted, for the most part, in accordance with the Olympic system (whereby the loser is eliminated from further competition) and principally for sports where the participants are in direct opposition to each other.

International cups include world cups (for example, the Davis Cup, established in 1900, which is the unofficial world championship in tennis), intercontinental cups (the soccer cup that has been competed for since 1960 by the strongest clubs from Europe and the Americas), and continental cups (for example, the European championship cups in basketball, soccer, and hockey, most of which were established in the 1950’s and 1960’s). Cups are also held in individual countries (in the USSR in 1973 there were cups in 25 sports; the first was for soccer, dating back to 1936). One of the oldest is the Stanley Cup, awarded to the best professional hockey team of Canada and the USA (since 1892).

Sometimes the term “cup” is used for team or individual competitions conducted in accordance with different systems (round-robin, mixed, etc.)—for example, the World Cup for volleyball (since 1965) and the European cups for gymnastics (since 1955) and track and field (since 1965).

(2) A prize, as a rule, a challenge cup, which is awarded to the winner of competitions (either a team or an individual athlete).

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What does it mean when you dream about a cup?

In psychoanalysis, a cup is a symbol of the female and female sexuality. Alternatively, an empty cup can represent receptiveness.

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(design engineering)
A cylindrical part with only one end open.
A low spot forming on a tool joint shoulder as a result of wobbling.
The symbol ∪, which indicates the union of two sets.
Sheet metal part formed during the first deep-drawing operation.


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1. The deviation of the face of a board from a plane.
2. A metal insert in a countersunk screw hole.
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Add in dry ingredients by the cupful and mix just until combined into dough.
Bronwen Cruickshank said: "I remember that in the 1940s/50s I and my younger brother were dosed with an egg cupful of this if we ever had a sore throat or a cold.
Take a cupful of paper pulp and spread it over the mesh.
At lunch it is about 100ml of fresh orange juice plus a cupful (about 300ml) of liquefied soup - prepared by "stick blender" and high in pulses (peas and beans - usually half a tin of Heinz varieties), followed by creme caramel or similar.
Cook until the potatoes are soft and then add one-half cupful of hops.
The fast food van round the corner offers me a foam cupful of char for only PS0.80, but I have to remove the teabag myself and add the milk from a dodgy-looking communal plastic jug.
He tipped a cupful into his bucket each day but it didn't work and when the marquee he'd hired for the weigh-in blew over the boxers had to perform the traditional pre-fight ceremonies in a couple of Cardiff Prison's unoccupied cells.
And, of course, traditional Persian tea is consumed by the cupful.
But it goes down a treat in my favourite Italian dessert, affogato, or "drowned": a creamy cupful of vanilla with a hot espresso poured over.
It is like a slow and lingering death, like sipping delicately from a cupful of slow-acting poison that is gradually killing all my faculties."
Its internal reservoir holds a full capacity of water ready for use, while the measuring button allows any quantity - from a single cupful to full capacity - to be released into the separate chamber for boiling, so you boil the right amount each time with no waste.
A CUPFUL OF BOTHER: Above, Swansea in disarray as Rocky Baptiste grabs Havant's late equaliser, while (left) the mass dust-up which brought red cards for Brett Poate of Havant and Swans' Alan Tate