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Constantan is a variation of cupronickel with 55% copper and 45% nickel and a resistivity of 19.
Using harder tube materials such as cupronickel and titanium can allow higher velocities to be used without much erosion.
12) Figure 1 clearly shows what happened in 1965, when its composition was changed from silver to cupronickel.
The cupronickel and silver coins, which are both larger than a 50p coin, will sell for pounds 9.
In 1919 DuPont reduced cupronickel fouling in rifles by incorporating tin in granules of early Improved Military Rifle (IMR) powders, denoted by adding "1/2" to the powder number.
The demand for the new 10, 20 and 50 cent coins has been much higher than for the earlier cupronickel coins.
Cupronickel fouling built up so thickly inside the bore some barrels eventually split from the pressure, so groove diameter was deepened to 0.
Contract awarded for Line Route 13 intersection improvements Damyang District cupronickel construction
62x25mm bullet contained a lead core with a cupronickel jacket.
Contract awarded for Cupronickel Small River Improvement Project Detailed design services
Tenders are invited for The Machine Shall Be Capable Of Cutting/Sawing Of Non-Ferrous Metals Like Copper, Gilding Metal, Brass, Leaded Brass, Cupronickel Etc.