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(Common UNIX Printing System) The printing system for Unix computers. Designed by Michael Sweet in the late 1990s, CUPS is the de facto standard for Linux and Unix machines as well as the built-in printing system in the Macintosh as of Mac OS X Version 10.2. Prior to CUPS, LPR/LPD, LP print spooler and LPRng were used in conjunction with the appropriate printer drivers. Apple used Tioga and the Apple Print Manager. See printing system.

To PostScript or PDF
For PostScript printers, CUPS converts all input to PostScript, which is fed to the printer. For non-PostScript printers, CUPS converts input to PostScript first, or to PDF if running in the Mac. Using Ghostscript, the PostScript is converted to the CUPS raster format (the Mac uses CoreGraphics to convert PDF to CUPS raster), and the CUPS raster is converted to the printer's language (PCL, ESC/P, etc.).

CUPS also supports host-based printing, in which all control is provided by the CPU (see host-based printing).

For network printing, CUPS supports the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), LPR/LPD and TCP port 9100 (AppSocket). See LPR/LPD and IPP.
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Hold the cup, Dick [Aside to DICK, giving him the cup].
And then he told the king all that had happened, and showed him the three branches and the golden cup which he had brought with him.
Now the long, wailing flight of geese brings autumn in its train, So to the view-tower cup in hand to fill and drink again,
I tell you I found the poison in one of the coffee cups.
Well, well," said Fisher, amiably, "I dare say you are right; but I should just like to have a look at the library and the coffee cups.
murmured Poirot to himself, as he brought back the replenished cup.
The matron looked, from the little kettle, to the beadle, who was moving towards the door; and as the beadle coughed, preparatory to bidding her good-night, bashfully inquired whether--whether he wouldn't take a cup of tea?
The cup went round amid the well-dissembled applause of the courtiers, which, however, failed to make the impression on the mind of the Saxon that had been designed.
But what none of them do justice to is my dear cup.
Yet, if death be in this cup, I bid thee think again, ere thou beholdest me quaff it.
Phips a magnificent gold cup, worth at least five thousand dollars.
She thrust a bare, white arm from the curtain which shielded her open door, and received the cup from his hands.