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The cup-shaped involucre characteristic of oaks.
A cup-shaped corolla.
The gemmae cup of the Marchantiales.
(invertebrate zoology)
A small sucker on the feet of certain male flies.



an organ that surrounds an entire fruit or only the base of a fruit. The cupule is formed by the proliferation of the fused bract and bractlets of pistillate flowers (for example, in the filbert and hornbeam). It may also be formed by the proliferation of the axils of the inflorescence on which the bracts and bractlets of undeveloped flowers appear in the form of nodules, scales, or needles (for example, in the oak). In the beech and chestnut, the axil of the inflorescence, in addition to the leaves, may take part in the formation of the cupule.

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The cupule and peel of oak were harvested from natural habitats in Dinarvand village in Lorestan provenance from Iran.
This apparent indiscrimination in terms of location may well suggest that the act of producing a cupule was more important than where they were displayed or consumed in the landscape.
In Ficinia, a cupule grows out from the hypogynous stalk, which is persistent on the fruit.
Because cupule removal is labor intensive and risks the integrity of the caryopsis, it is necessary to find methods of increasing germination of intact seed.
Female flowers and cupules of Balanopaceae, an enigmatic rosid family.
3] on germination of seeds with their cupule intact was slight, with germination percentage increasing 5 to 8% when compared with untreated seed.
These cupules are, in the main, confined to the torso region and exhibit a similar degree of patination to that of the rest of the motif.
The study consisted of (i) a cupule removal experiment with four seed lots combined with two cupule conditions (cupule intact, cupule removed) and two fungicide treatments (untreated and treated) using approximately 8-mo-old seed produced in 1995, (ii) a scarification experiment with three seed lots combined with three seed conditions (cupule intact, cupule removed and caryopsis scarified) using approximately 7-mo-old seed produced in 1996, and (iii) a scarification experiment of four seed lots combined with three seed conditions (cupule intact, cupule removed and caryopsis scarified) using approximately 18-mo-old seed produced in 1995.
The indurate first glume and hard bony rachis internode form a cupule or fruit case that surrounds the pistillate spikelet.
The relatively small (10-15 mm diameter), ovoid-triangular nuts are produced in a four-valved, leathery cupule that is usually covered with short, recurved appendages.
New investigations of prehistoric sites in Myanmar by a joint Australia--Myanmar team have revealed important rock markings, including the first major cupule site from mainland Southeast Asia.
Inception of the cupule of Quercus macrocarpa and Fagus grandifolia.