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The cup-shaped involucre characteristic of oaks.
A cup-shaped corolla.
The gemmae cup of the Marchantiales.
(invertebrate zoology)
A small sucker on the feet of certain male flies.



an organ that surrounds an entire fruit or only the base of a fruit. The cupule is formed by the proliferation of the fused bract and bractlets of pistillate flowers (for example, in the filbert and hornbeam). It may also be formed by the proliferation of the axils of the inflorescence on which the bracts and bractlets of undeveloped flowers appear in the form of nodules, scales, or needles (for example, in the oak). In the beech and chestnut, the axil of the inflorescence, in addition to the leaves, may take part in the formation of the cupule.

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Fifty seed with intact cupules were randomly selected from each imbibition treatment and placed in a box for germination testing.
It generates a series of hypotheses relating to the production and consumption of cupules, three-dimensional, curvilinear and rectilinear rock art, and how this may have changed through time.
Une autre categorie d'outils est fort mal definie: ce sont les galets a cupule, interpretes tantot comme des endumes ou des percuteurs, tantot comme des mortiers, les cupules resultant d'un piquetage intensif etant confondues avec les cuvettes faconnees et regularisees par polissage".
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Experiment 2 evaluated the germination of seed with intact cupules after treatment for 24 or 48 h in one of four test solutions: (i) distilled water, (ii) 0.
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For example, rows of cupules found in the caves of Malakula, Maewo and Erromango are among the most dominant motif arrangements in the engraved rock-art.
Several cupules were made in its surface to provide registers for the second matching epoxy mould.
La similarite de ce corpus iconographique avec celui exprime sur les abris peints, l'idee selon laquelle la gravure serait un parti-pris technique des populations vivant a l'ouest du Rhone, la co-existence de roches a cupules et de structures funeraires datees, nous amenent a supposer que gravures et peintures sont contemporaines.
Ahring and Frank (1968) found that prechill stimulated the germination of dormant cupules.
The cupules in Fagopsis were membranous, hairy wedges about 4-6 mm long.