curb box

curb box, curb-stop box, curb-valve box, Buffalo box

A vertical sleeve which provides access to a buried curb cock; the cock is turned by a long key which is inserted through the sleeve to the cock.
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Argonics, a firm with facilities in Colorado and Michigan, has engineered a new three-part Speedy Sleeve Poly Curb Box System--the product includes the polyurethane sleeve, a valve box and a PVC extension pipe.
As part of the project, New Jersey American Water also replaced 45 fire hydrants, more than 120 valves and more than 40 service lines from the main to the curb box.
Tenders are invited for install the flushing station, meter, curb stop, valve, coring and drilling into the existing storm sewer, grouting, installation of service pipe, curb box and all required restoration.
FLEXSTORM Inlet Filters are now available in curb box, flat rectangular, gutter/V-grate, rolled curb and round inlet filter configurations from local ADS distribution centers.
New Jersey American Water will also be replacing 15 lire hydrants, 24 valves and 232 service lines from the main to the curb box.
The Total option also covers the repair and replacement of an inoperable, broken or leaking curb box and or curb valve, which could cost from $150.
8~ x 6" WYE, 4~ diameter manholes, connection of 52 existing service lines to new service line, abandon 8 existing manholes, plug existing pipe to existing SMH-1, 124 LF of 6" ductile iron pipe, 2,748 LF of 8" ductile iron pipe, 6", 8" and 10" gate valves including valve boxes, copper service line, curb stop & box, removal of 3 existing hydrants, abandonment of 3 existing water valves & curb box (" or 1"), cut & cap 8" water main, village road pavement, concrete sidewalk replacement (4" thick) and concrete driveway apron replacement (7" thick).
00 each of furnish & install curb box cover 47,035.
Tenders are invited for Approx 7,200 SY of HMA Milling, 3" or less, 1,700 tons of HMA Surface Course, (Mix I-4), 4,100 LF of 8" C900 PVC Watermain,, 14 Units of 8" Gate Value, Fire Hydrant, (7 Units), 1,400 LF of 1" Type "K" Copper Service, Curb Box and Service Connection (60 Units).