curb stop

curb cock, curb stop

curb cock
In a water-service pipe, a control valve for the water supply of a building, usually placed between the sidewalk and curb; used to shut off the water supply in case of emergency.
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LSLs run underground from the water main to the curb stop tap (valve) at each property; that same pipe may also run to the supply tap inside a house.
There is also a "curb stop" shutoff that requires a special tool to operate.
* 36-inch minimum landings at the top of the curb stop
Between the water main in the street and the meter, there's also usually a buried curb stop valve (accessible only by city workers wielding special long-handled wrenches) and a corporation stop, where your house water line hooks up to the water main.
The services were 3/4-inch copper so we were able to locate them and hook on top of the old curb stop."