curb stop

curb cock, curb stop

curb cock
In a water-service pipe, a control valve for the water supply of a building, usually placed between the sidewalk and curb; used to shut off the water supply in case of emergency.
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LSLs run underground from the water main to the curb stop tap (valve) at each property; that same pipe may also run to the supply tap inside a house.
36-inch minimum landings at the top of the curb stop
Between the water main in the street and the meter, there's also usually a buried curb stop valve (accessible only by city workers wielding special long-handled wrenches) and a corporation stop, where your house water line hooks up to the water main.
Tenders are invited for work includes approx 900 cy excavation for water mains; 60 lf 6" di pipe; 1,260 lf of 8" di pipe; 705 lf 12" di pipe; 100 lf 1" copper service pipe; 20 lf 1 1/2" copper service pipe; 95 lf 2" copper service pipe; 1,300 lf 3/4" copper service pipe water main to curb stop; 130 lf 3/4" copper service pipe curb stop to meter.
4"-16" dip class 52-54 waterline with excavation & backfill, water service line, curb stop installation, sewer crossing, gas line crossing, fire hydrants, riprap, street pavement removal & replacement, asphalt driveway removal & replacement, curb removal & replacement, seeding, sodding, landscaping, traffic control.
Tenders are invited for project consists of installation of (10) new 1-1/2" and 2 lf main to curb stop service installations including service tap on existing main; (47) new service into existing homes including approx 4,600 lf of 1-1/2" hdpe; 1,800 lf of 2~ hdpe, directional bore will be required at specific locations ;(47) meter installations and connections.
90 mil; precast concrete curb stop (6~long); 1,180 lf of concrete curb and gutter(1~-6") vertical face.
Tenders are invited for water service line installation, curb stop and water main connection, approx 1,500 sf building, site work, parking lot, mechanical and electrical work.
Tenders are invited for the project consist of the installation of approx 6,550 lf of 8" dip water main; (49) 1-1/2" pe main to curb stop water services.
800 lf of 4" di and 2,000 lf of 8" di water pipe; (36) 1-1/2" pe main to curb stop water services.
Tenders are invited for works include approx 1,280 lf 8" pvc water main with tb backfill; 280 lf 6" pvc water main with tb backfill; 3 ea 8" gate valve with valve box; 5 ea hydrant; 56 lf 6" pvc hydrant lead with tb backfill; 660 lf 1 1/4" polyethylene water service lateral with tb backfill; 290 lf 1 1/4" polyethylene water service lateral with spoil backfill; 27 ea curb stop and box including connection; 4 ea remove existing hydrant; 1,030 sy 3" thickness bituminous pavement restoration; see outside link.