curb stop

curb cock, curb stop

curb cock
In a water-service pipe, a control valve for the water supply of a building, usually placed between the sidewalk and curb; used to shut off the water supply in case of emergency.
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The meter installation shall include: excavating to the water main; tapping the main; installing corporation valve, service tubing, curb stop, meter box, meter, backflow preventer; and landscaping disturbed areas.
36-inch minimum landings at the top of the curb stop
And, specifying Q-Line from the water main to the curb stop or meter pit is a natural, given its performance, handling and installation advantages over copper or poly service tube.
The customer is responsible for maintaining and repairing the portion of the service line, which leads from the curb stop (typically located near the property line) into the home.
and hardware equipment that will enable staff to collect meter readings while driving by homes and could also include replacement of the vault and/or conversion from curb stop type water house connections to meter vault type connections.
The services were 3/4-inch copper so we were able to locate them and hook on top of the old curb stop.
Assorted sizes of nipples, curb stops, corps (tap main install), bushings, elbows and meter blank flanges, all made of brass, as well as rolls of copper wire, were missing.
Most can be accurately estimated based on Level C field data such as opening sewer or storm manholes and shooting invert grades, opening and measuring gate valves or curb stops, or other "simple" field verification methods.
RubberForm has a 16,000-square-foot production facility in Lockport where it manufactures a number of recycled rubber products, including curb stops and sign-post bases.
Hydra-Stopper allows plumbers and mechanical contractors to safely add, repair and replace meter valves, curb stops, service lines, backflow preventers, water meters, fire sprinkler heads and small gate valves without system shutdowns.
The project will also install curb stops in several strategic locations to allow shut off of services to individual properties when maintenance work is required, rather than having to shut off the entire road.
AYM 5603 5% Bury Curb Box W/42 And 5601 Lid Large Base to Fit 1-1/2" & 2" Curb Stops