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A stone forming a curb or part of a curb.
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The contract covers the materials and the installation work of curbstones and exteriors of the kerava city concrete and natural stone during 2018.
Al Muhairi added that all illegally parked vehicles in the area will be subject to the law, noting that parking next to yellow and grey curbstones and in the middle of the road and double parking are strictly prohibited.
1) Motorists can only park on curbstones painted turquoise and white or black.
RAY: Because of the shorter sidewalls of their tires, the rims are closer to the pavement, so they get bent and damaged more easily by potholes and curbstones.
But to my surprise they only provided some concrete curbstones.
The part of the road discovered in Jerusalem stretched 26 feet (8 meters) across and was bound on either side by curbstones, according to the IAA.
On another street, a group of 12- to 13-year-olds, dressed in new bright red boiler suits, repaints the curbstones orange and black.
The curbstones have been re-set, work on the drains have been carried out, the road was stripped and re-surfaced, that leaves only the road markings to be done.
But unlike an alloy wheel, which can be easily damaged on curbstones, the cover can be replaced for pounds 16 if cracked or scraped.
She reports that several of her family members are also stronger than normal; one is a construction worker who used to lift large curbstones unaided.
The assumption is that those who do not have these materials will either break out in red-eyed rioting rage and burn down the countryside, or sit quietly on curbstones and die.