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1. In a suspended acoustical ceiling, a groove cut into the edges of an acoustical tile to receive splines or supporting members of the ceiling suspension system.
2. A slot or cut made in a material such as wood or metal.
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0 Survey of Education and Training 2001 and 2005-companion data Table 14: Percentage of employees who undertook various types of training by form of employment, 2001 Permanent Casual Type of Training FT PT FT PT On-the-job Training 80 79 70 75 Internal Training 44 44 18 22 External Training 22 18 17 14 Employer-supported External Training 17 12 6 3 Non-employer-supported External Training 6 7 6 5 Source: Derived from ABS CURF Cat No.
As in the author's previous study, this research focuses on the ongoing longitudinal panel of 871 manufacturing proprietary companies in the BLS CURF.
Once the types of sugars had been assigned for each food, these values were used to calculate the sugars intakes for each person in the CURF, and mean intakes of the various population groups were determined.
The key findings from this exploratory research into under- and over-investment amongst manufacturing SMEs in the BLS CURF can be summarized as follows:
As noted, the CURF collected information on primary and secondary time use activities.
Time Use Survey data is available from the ABS as CURFs.
Hence, data from this CURF may not exactly match that reported elsewhere (e.