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1. In a suspended acoustical ceiling, a groove cut into the edges of an acoustical tile to receive splines or supporting members of the ceiling suspension system.
2. A slot or cut made in a material such as wood or metal.
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Table 11: Employed persons aged 25-64: participation in education and training (% of persons) 2005 Studied in 2005 Did not study in 2005 Did not Did not Attended attend a Attended attend a a training training a training training course course course course Total Form of in last 12 in last in last in last employment months 12 months 12 months 12 months Fulltime 5 3 47 45 100 Part-time 5 5 38 51 100 Permanent 6 3 53 38 100 Casual 5 6 30 59 100 Source: ABS CURF, Cat No.
As in the author's previous study, this research focuses on the ongoing longitudinal panel of 871 manufacturing proprietary companies in the BLS CURF. In the first instance, 15 common financial ratios were calculated for each business for each of the four annual data collections.
The key findings from this research into development pathways and financial profiles amongst manufacturing SMEs in the BLS CURF can be summarized as follows:
For 26% of foods, the recipes supplied with the CURF were used to determine the amounts of added and natural sugars.
Once the types of sugars had been assigned for each food, these values were used to calculate the sugars intakes for each person in the CURF, and mean intakes of the various population groups were determined.
There are 2413 manufacturing SMEs legally organized as proprietary companies in the BLS CURF, representing approximately 71 percent of manufacturing SMEs in the file.
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(2.) The CURF, by definition, collapses many interval- and ratio- level variables into categorical level variables to prevent identification of survey respondents.
In 2004 the data was made available as a CURF from the ABS.
The additional analyses were undertaken by staff of the Australian Bureau of Statistics using the Confidential Unit Record File (CURF), which includes food and nutrient intake for each individual.
Data were analysed from a confidentialised unit record file (CURF) provided by the ABS.