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I think a curfew should be at the end of a long line of things that have already been tried.
For kids who live in dangerous areas, a curfew can be especially effective in keeping them safe.
Despite little research evaluating their efficacy as crime-fighting tools, curfew laws remain popular, particularly in law enforcement.
1 last year until we closed for Christmas, 10 days (two full weeks) were lost to curfews.
We part from our hosts, who must hurry home before the curfew is reimposed, and send the long convoy of cars back to Israel.
Some eastern towns such as Portsmouth, New Hampshire, also maintained a long-standing tradition of a general curfew, but this custom was regarded as a sign of backwardness inappropriate for any ambitious city.
They would do well to consult statistical studies such as "Do Juvenile Curfew Laws Work?
After several months of study and deliberation, the Charlottesville City Council enacted a juvenile curfew on December 16, l996.
In Monrovia, the police chief asked parents to register exempted children with the police department and have them carry a numbered card when out during curfew hours, a request that reminded some citizens of document checks in totalitarian states.
The city has battled long and hard to win the right to be allowed to introduce a curfew - a system of juvenile control that has been inplace in thousands of American communities for over 20 years.
The Stay-Away-from-the-Center-of-Town Curfew: This curfew is usually limited to the business section of town, and often involves the placement of barbed wire and military barricades around the forbidden area.
Operations at Van Nuys Airport are governed by a Noise Abatement and Curfew Ordinance established in 1981.