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The addition of appropriate amounts of a curing agent to the system enables a feasible approach to achieve low temperature and fast curing processes.
Vegetable juice powder could be a natural source of nitrate, essentially serving as a curing agent, yet it still can be classified as natural.
Additionally, the operational parameters of the curing as the selection of the curing agent, the heating rate of the reaction, and the epoxy resin viscosity are also factors influencing the temperature.
The acquisition follows Gabriel's announced acquisitions of Ranbar Electrical Materials, InChem's proprietary Phenoxy Resin business and the BASF Versamid polyamide curing agent product line.
KALFIX 563, for pipeline coating or cold weather use, is an epoxy and curing agent that is able to displace water for a permanent bond to all substrates with minimal substrate preparation.
Shojaei-Zadeh and Fechtmann fabricated microporous, open-cell foam of a hierarchical structure from a mixture of a foamable liquid polymer such as silicone rubber, a curing agent, a blowing agent and a filler.
Vegetable juice powder could provide a natural source of nitrate to serve as a curing agent and still be classified as natural.
Abstract In this article, polysiloxane-modified epoxy coatings were prepared using the mixture (CPSA) of polyaminopropylmethylsiloxane (PAPMS) oligomer/ N-(2-hydroxyethyl)ethylenediamine as a curing agent and cardanol as a compatibilizer.
"A Combination Flame Retardant Curing Agent Material for Non-Halogen PCB Laminates"
To Start Commercial Production of Thiol-Based Curing Agent Karenz MT(TM) PE1
Curatives for high-performance, heat-cured PUR elastomers include Conacure AH-33 MBOCA polyol curative with an equivalent weight of 280 that functions as a liquid MCOCA alternative; Conacure AH-40 non-MBOCA liquid aromatic diamine curing agent with equivalent weight of 133.3; and Conacure AH-50 low-viscosity polyol curative with equivalent weight of 90.