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Perforations of 1 mmin diameter, allowed enough amount of curing light to pass through the perforated plate ( I recorded 400 m watt/ cm2 out of a source of 1100 m watt/cm2) and was able to induce the desired curing process in the composite.
Dental radiometers are available and commonly used to check intensity of curing light units; however, the variability of radiometers has been demonstrated in several previous studies.
The resin was cured by LED and halogen curing lights for their respective groups.
A dental curing light is a dental tool used for the hardening of light cure composites.
Curing light intensity was continuously measured using a radiometer (Cure Rite, Dentsply Caulk).
The Elipar[TM] S10 LED Curing Light from 3M ESPE is capable of performing a five-second cure for shades A3 and lighter and enables polymerization of compatible materials in half the manufacturer's recommended time.
The use of high speed curing light, mercury-free fillings, digital imaging, laser surgery and laser care for gum disease are only a few methods used at the dental offices of Dr.
The Bluephase Style curing light from Ivoclar Vivadent won the bronze medal at one of the most prestigious design competitions in the medical technology industry.
A special curing light is then used to harden the resin.
Also new from Ultradent is VALO Cordless, an LED curing light system featuring a battery-operated wand for mobility.
Evaluation of curing light distance on resin composite microhardness and polymerization.
6) 3M ESPE Dental Company (7) donated a portable curing light, and Insight Media (8) donated a video teaching aide.