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one of the two sides of a bookkeeping balance; the liabilities side describes the sources from which a socialist enterprise or organization derives its capital and characterizes the composition, designated purposes, and actual disposition of the capital.

The liabilities side of the balance consists of five principal sections. The sources of an enterprise’s own assets and equivalent assets are shown in section A. Section B lists bank credits for circulating capital for which norms are set. Section C indicates various bank credits, payments, and other liabilities. Section D indicates the sources of assets for capital construction, and section E records the financing of outlays for formation of the basic livestock herd.

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3) The extent to which the firm's current liabilities do not require significant incremental cash outflows.
The alternate solution is to leave CPLTD with current liabilities, but calculate CPFA and report it with current assets.
The quick ratio compares current liabilities with only those current assets that could be expected to produce relatively sure cash if the firm were to cease operation.
This theory also seems to suggest that current liabilities are best measured against current assets and should not be measured against equity.
To exclude that debt from current liabilities, the lender must advance new funds or refinance the short-term debt on a long-term basis based on conditions existing on the date of the new loan or refinancing.

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