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, any of the numerous and varied marsupials, or pouched mammals, of the family Phalangeridae, found in Australia, New Guinea, and adjacent islands. Many are somewhat like squirrels in appearance.
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any one mammal of the genus Phalanger of the family Phalangeridae. The body is 30–65 cm long, the tail, 25–60 cm. The coloring varies from white and gray to reddish brown and black. There are seven species, which are distributed in Australia (Cape York) and on New Guinea and neighboring islands west to Sulawesi. Cuscuses are arboreal animals, and they move slowly. They use their sharp claws and muscular, prehensile tails for climbing. They are nocturnal, sleeping in the daytime in dense tree crowns or tree hollows. Cuscuses feed on fruits and leaves as well as insects, birds, and birds’ eggs. There are one or two young in a litter.


any of several large nocturnal phalangers of the genus Phalanger, of N Australia, New Guinea, and adjacent islands, having dense fur, prehensile tails, large eyes, and a yellow nose
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Cuscus. Corominas y Pascual registran cuz como una forma de llamar al perro, relacionada con gozque.
It includes threatened and endangered species such as the spotted cuscus and green tree python.
The modern Timorese fauna is completed by a New Guinean cuscus (Phalanger orientalis) introduced in the early Holocene, and a suite of Asian domesticates and commensals, all introduced since the mid-late Holocene (Glover 1986).
Cuscus es el vocablo que designa el plato mas representativo de la cocina arabe de territorios norteafricanos.
(26) Esta idea de una masa suave de tuberculos (name, yuca, malanga o papa china), frutos (platano, zapayo, frijol) o cereales (millo, maiz, trigo, arroz) que acompana salsas, carnes y verduras, va desde el cuscus de los pueblos norteafricanos del Magreb, pasando por los bolinhos (27) de Rio de Janeiro, hasta llegar a las carimanolas (28) del Caribe, abarcando variedades que combinan lo salado y lo dulce como el juju guapireno o las aborrajadas (29) del valle caucano.
Wacky Fact: The marsupial cuscus spends so much time sitting, even while eating and sleeping, that fur on the backside is sometimes worn into a bald spot.
For example, this Dani man from the Pegunungan Jayawijaya mountains in Irian Jaya is pleased with his catch, a specimen of cuscus (Phalanger), a small marsupial of the wet forests of Insulindia and the islands of the Strait.
A Europa le corresponden la ciencia, la filosofia, las artes y las letras; a los arabes, el cuscus y la danza del vientre y, como mucho, el papel de eternos proveedores; ayer, de la filosofia griega; hoy, del petroleo>>.
For a spotted cuscus, life in the slow lane is just right!
In the Nuaulu case, the domain of spirits also overlaps with the natural world, such that "spirits" may be treated as natural categories and vice versa: long-horned beetles may be the spirits of persons killed by falling from a tree while hunting cuscus, spirits of the distant dead may enter the bodies of animals, influencing their behaviour, while some animal species are believed capable of transforming themselves into others.
Pero esas relaciones peligrosas se podrian romper con una alimentacion mas balanceada, como la dieta mediterranea, que se basa principalmente en verduras cocidas y crudas, frutos secos, semillas, legumbres, derivados lacteos bajos en grasas, pollo, pescados y mariscos, papas, frutas, panes integrales, arroz, cuscus, cereales integrales, carnes rojas y procesadas, con moderacion.