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, any of the numerous and varied marsupials, or pouched mammals, of the family Phalangeridae, found in Australia, New Guinea, and adjacent islands. Many are somewhat like squirrels in appearance.
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any one mammal of the genus Phalanger of the family Phalangeridae. The body is 30–65 cm long, the tail, 25–60 cm. The coloring varies from white and gray to reddish brown and black. There are seven species, which are distributed in Australia (Cape York) and on New Guinea and neighboring islands west to Sulawesi. Cuscuses are arboreal animals, and they move slowly. They use their sharp claws and muscular, prehensile tails for climbing. They are nocturnal, sleeping in the daytime in dense tree crowns or tree hollows. Cuscuses feed on fruits and leaves as well as insects, birds, and birds’ eggs. There are one or two young in a litter.


any of several large nocturnal phalangers of the genus Phalanger, of N Australia, New Guinea, and adjacent islands, having dense fur, prehensile tails, large eyes, and a yellow nose
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Alcuzcuz, del arabe, cuscus 'carne o verduras con semola en grano y salsa'.
The program will include an animal costume dress-up; a 16-foot-long inflatable killer whale; and a live animal presentation, which may include flamingos, cuscus, conures, an alligator and more.
And recounts other methods such as climbing trees to take cuscus in their dreys (p.
Other cultural items include animal bones (some of which are burnt, and include fish, rat, cuscus, reptile and, from near the surface, two enamel fragments of a juvenile pig tooth), shell (mainly the intertidal flat, mangrove species Polymesoda erosa, Cerithidea obtusa and Nerita balteata), burnt earth, and burnt wood and nutshell fragments.
Animals: AARDVARK, ALPACA, AMADAVAT or AVADAVAT (Indian song bird), BLACK MAMBA (snake), CARACAL (lynx), CARACARA (vulture-like bird), MATAMATA (a turtle), HELLBENDER (salamander), LEVERET (young hare), TREECREEPER (bird), TREE SHREW, INDRIS (a lemurine animal), SISKIN (bird), KOODOO or COODOO (antelope), MOORCOCK (bird), POTOROO (kangaroo-rat), WOODCOCK (bird), CUSCUS (a marsupial)
El cuscus un plato tradicional bereber hecho a base de semola de trigo.
La pareja tambien recuerda con especial emocion un largo recorrido en camello que hicieron por las orillas del desierto del Sahara: --Salimos de Marruecos en direccion a un pueblo situado a unas 3 horas de ahi --cuenta Charmoli--; cabalgamos hasta el atardecer y llegamos a la tienda de unos nomadas que nos prepararon, para comer, un tradicional y delicioso cuscus.
A pair of 'scratch weapons' for Kiribati women come from Hans Beraz and a Tolai head or neck band featuring cuscus teeth comes from Christian Schneider.
POLLO ESPECIADO CON CUSCUS ARABE INGREDIENTES * 2 pechugas de pollo PARA EL MARINADO * 2 cucharadas de aceite de oliva virgen * El zumo de 1/2 limon * 1 diente de ajo machacado * 1/4 de cucharadita de pimenton dulce * 1/4 de pimenton picante *1/2 de comino * 1/2 de curry * 2 cucharadas de perejil fresco *sal y pimienta negra PARA ELCUSCUS * 100 g de cuscus * 4 orejones 46 uvas pasas *2 tomates pera * 1 cucharada de perejil fresco *la ralladura de 1/2 limon 4 cucharada de aceite de oliva * 1/2 cucharadita de sal * 1/4 de pimienta negra PREPARACION Ponemos todos los ingredientes del marinado en un recipiente pequeno y removemos hasta que este bien mezclado.
On Misima some young men felled a three-hundred-year-old tree in pursuit of a cuscus (a small marsupial)--an act of destruction aimed more at dramatically displaying their mastery of their new machine than anything else.
In Eboa and Inawaia there is a story about A'aisa appearing as a cuscus.
Pauri, the cuscus, is forbidden because of the yellowish colour of its fur, dappled with brown spots.