cusped arch

foil arch

An arch with cusps or foils on its intrados.
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But it reached at its climax with the musical nature of the arch known as cusped arch during the period of Shah Jehan {12}.
In chapter four Ghosh extends these historical insights to her own fascinating analysis of grafts from Sultanate mosques onto Ratna temples, for example, a cusped arch taken from a mosque's sacred niche (mihrab) and applied to the main entrance of the temple (pp.
The pavilion is constructed of burnt bricks and contains deep cusped arched openings.
The dalan with its varusi-like feature, comprising an open wooden arcade with delicate wooden cusped arches, imparts a sense of light and openness to the pokher.
Surrounding a principal space, covered by an iron and glass roof, are arcades with cusped arches, while columns and openings have, again, an Indian character (Fig.
Further Islamic details include pointed and cusped arches, stripes in the coursed ashlar and the voussoirs, patterned panels, and wooden doors with cufic inscriptions.
Elegant carved marble pillars supported the bara dari's delicate cusped arches. The central area, where Ranjit Singh held court, had a mirrored ceiling.