cut section

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1. Excavated material.
2. The void resulting from the excavation of material.
3. The depth to which material is to be excavated to bring the surface to a predetermined grade.
4. In the theater, a long slot across the stage floor for the introduction or removal of scenery.
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All tumours were unilocular and cut section showed abundant fibrous stroma and some showed tiny papillary projections.
Figure 3 shows the meat side of the cut section. Note how the fur near the tip extends beyond the skin of the hide.
Both movies are synchronous and show all cut sections dynamically; further, we can stop the movies at the desired cut section.
Grossly, cutaneous leiomyosarcomas have a grey-white, whorled appearance on cut section. On histopathologic section, leiomyosarcomas typically display a proliferation of elongated spindle-shaped cells, blunt-ended cigarshaped nuclei, and eosinophilic cytoplasm.
You want to maintain their overall shape so cut section by section with secateurs, standing back every so often to see you are keeping the overall outline an attractive shape.
6 Peel off the clear coloured plastic coating from its backing paper and place the cut section of Perspex on to the backing paper.
Remove the cable and slide the cut section off to expose 1/4 in.
A cut section from a bridge bearing (figure 20) shows steel plates that are bonded to rubber (black).
On cut section two were completely solid and remaining two were both solid and cystic in nature filled with brown colored fluid, microscopy of all 4 cases showed microfollicular pattern, along with trabecular pattern in 2 cases.
1 When it comes to insulating your attic it is a good idea to use a cut section of flooring placed over the joists to kneel on while laying the insulation.