cut string

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open string

An inclined board in a vertical plane, parallel to the slope of a stair (i.e., a string), whose upper edge is cut to fit the profile of the treads and risers of the steps; the treads of the stairs project beyond the face of the string and are visible; compare with closed string.
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If you don't have the mechanical aptitude to cut string, or are so bone-lazy you use voice-activated TV remote, try a Clip Draw or Barami Clip Grip.
It'll cut string, light rope, tape, and even makes a nice, clean cut on sandpaper.
Cut string holding meat and bones and add them to platter.
To defend himself, shopkeeper Mohammed Butt, 66, stabbed him with a knife he was using to cut string.
Cut string and serve with fig skewers; unwrap bundles and discard fig leaves before eating.
"Given the toxic nature of the prevailing environment at Alitalia, I would have thought that this would be a great opportunity for Etihad to finally cut strings with it and move on to pastures new, particularly in the wake of selling off its Darwin Airline stake," said Saj Ahmad, the chief analyst at StrategicAero Research.
Thomas Zehetmair may not cut strings, but his playing of the rapid passages makes one feel as though his violin is about to burst into flames, while he seduces the ear in the slower passages.
Take 900g (2lb) Lean boneless port leg joint, cut strings and flatten your joint and place into a large ovenproof casserole dish.