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relatively narrow width of woven fabric edged with selvage. Ribbons have been used for centuries as girdles, headdresses, and badges and for ornamentation. At first called ribbands, they were narrow strips of cloth which were attached to a garment to form borders. The modern ribbon with two selvages was known after 1500; at first it was reserved for the wealthy. In the 17th cent. ribbons were highly fashionable and were used profusely on every part of the costume. The blue and red ribbons, which have since become awards of merit, at first indicated the Orders of the Garter and the Bath, respectively, in England. The French Legion of Honor is symbolized by a watered red ribbon and a medalmedal,
a piece of metal, cast or struck, often coin-shaped. The obverse and reverse bear bas-relief and inscription. Commemorative medals are issued in memory of a notable person or event.
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a decoration representing orders and medals of the USSR, as adopted by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on June 19, 1943. A ribbon of a specified color and design has been adopted for every order and medal. Orders and medals of the USSR, which are worn over the left breast, are attached to the clothing by a bar wrapped with a particular ribbon. To wear the ribbon instead of the order or medal, special rectangular bar pins wrapped with the corresponding ribbon have been adopted. Those orders worn on the right side of the chest without bars have also been assigned ribbons. In this case bar pins are worn. Bar pins of all orders and medals are worn over the left breast. No ribbons have been instituted for the Orders of Mother Heroine and Glory of Motherhood or for the Medal of Motherhood. The ribbons of the Gold Star and Hammer and Sickle medals are always worn with their medals. Orders in foreign countries also have ribbons.

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(building construction)
A horizontal piece of wood nailed to the face of studs; usually used to support the floor joists.
(graphic arts)
A narrow band of inked fabric in a typewriter or other printing machine with which type is printed by striking keys against it.
The plane figure generated by a straight line which moves so that it is always perpendicular to the path traced by its middle point.
One of a set of parallel bands in a rock or mineral.
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2. A long thin strip of wood, or a series of such strips uniting several parts.
3. In stained glass work or the like, a strip or bar of lead to hold the edge of the glass. Also called a came.
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a long thin flexible band of metal used as a graduated measure, spring, etc.
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(1) See ribbon cable.

(2) (Ribbon) A revised interface in Microsoft Office applications. See Office Ribbon.

(3) A band of fabric or flexible plastic material that holds ink or dye. It is used to transfer the ink to paper for printing.
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The New York Yankee star sported a smart black suit with a matching tie, he used a huge pair of scissors to cut the ribbon and officially inaugurate the gym.
Laurentian University cut the ribbon on a new residence building on the Sudbury campus.
Dentist Jim Leclair of the San Francisco VA medical center and Chief of Voluntary Service Ron Hunt cut the ribbon unveiling a mural recreating the painting "Returning Soldier" by N.C.
With New Mexico's lieutenant governor, Diane Denish, by her side, Rush helped cut the ribbon at the October 31 opening of RainbowVision Santa Fe, which bills itself as the first full-service, gay-oriented retirement housing development in the United States.
In 2000, he celebrated his 102nd birthday in Provo, Utah, where he cut the ribbon dedicating the George E.
Carlos Burgos, 3, (left) and Alexis Cross, 6, with help from Mayor Jim Torrey, cut the ribbon for the official opening of Broadway on Friday evening.
Take a look in our final pages as Lieutenant General Walters cut the ribbon on our new facility, and helped us celebrate twenty-five years of service to the community.
Lucia Managing Director Keith Smith cut the ribbon to open the 15,000-square foot facility.
Elder Henry Ogemah, a former student at Pelican Falls Residential School in Sioux Lookout, Ont., cut the ribbon last fall opening a new high school on the site -- a symbol of hope for native communities scarred by boarding school experiences.
Wednesbury North councillor Elaine Costigan was among those in attendance to cut the ribbon. Keith Joyce, from Wednesbury, applied for the funding last June, and after having it granted in the September, he's seen the forgotten land transformed into a community haven in just eight months.
President Aliyev cut the ribbon symbolizing the opening of the highway.
Ken, the charity's head of income generation, cut the ribbon as staff and customers looked on.

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