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Souza LN, Martins CR, Paula AM: Cutaneous horn occurring on the lip of a child.
Renal cell carcinoma has presented as a cutaneous horn.
Triage by appropriate clinicians; Services currently provided under the Minor Surgery DES (national specification) and Community Dermatology LES ( the local specification currently includes benign naevi moles, bowens disease, dermofibroma /histocytoms, epidermoid/ pillar cysts, lipomata,pyogenic granuloma, keratosis, skin tags, skin lesions, viral cutaneous horns, diagnosed and low risk basal cell carcinomas); All dermatology adult and children, elective out-patients (including routine, urgent, 2WW) delivered along integrated pathways between community and hospital settings as appropriate.
Benign lesions include papillomas and cutaneous horns, which are not likely to recur after excision.