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A mixture of fatty substances characteristically found in epidermal cell walls and in the cuticle of plant leaves and stems.



the most important component of the cuticle of plants, secreted by the underlying epidermis.

The principal components of cutin are ω-oxymonocarboxylic acids, which contain 16 and 18 atoms of carbon in an un-branched chain and two or three hydroxyl groups. The cutin content in the epidermis varies greatly (from 0.8 percent, in birch leaves, to more than 15 percent, in agave leaves). Cutin’s resistance to external influences and its water-repellent properties account for its protective role: the cutinized epidermis of the plants protects them from water loss and penetration by microorganisms.

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Diet quality encompasses energy value, protein, water, mineral and vitamin contents as well as anti-nutritional factors such as lignin, cutin, suberin, silica and secondary metabolites (Robbins 1983).
Dario Cutin, a spokesman for AT&T, and Enrique Flores, Alfa's chief of investor relations, declined to comment on the value of the stake.
The 3% cutin consolidated net revenue is attributed to the partial divesture of less thanprofitable assets.
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