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At this the other two men dropped their quarrel and darted after him, Cutler calling out: "What are you doing?
Drink isn't good enough for me," replied Cutler, "but I'll have blood for this before I die.
Father Brown instantly ran across to him, taking no notice of Cutler and the colossal actor, though the room already rang with their blows and they began to struggle for the dagger.
They treated Cutler with a certain solemn attention, and pointed out that he had got a slight slash on the hand.
The silence was first broken by Cutler, who seemed not untouched by a rough tenderness.
They both started as if guiltily, and Cutler said sharply: "To hurt whom?
You hurt yourselves with that; and then Captain Cutler must have hurt himself with the dagger.
I know you did," answered the cleric Brown with a face of wood, "so did Captain Cutler.
He had been calling on Miss Rome at the theatre; he had met Captain Cutler there; they had been joined for a short time by the accused, who had then returned to his own dressing-room; they had then been joined by a Roman Catholic priest, who asked for the deceased lady and said his name was Brown.
The witness lowered his steady eyes once more and added: "I had noticed the fact before, when Captain Cutler first entered it.
Captain Cutler was a far less plausible and composed witness than Sir Wilson, but his account of the opening incidents was solidly the same.
You used a rather remarkable expression," he said, looking at Cutler sleepily.