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see lacelace,
patterned openwork fabric made by plaiting, knotting, looping, or twisting. The finest lace is made from linen thread. Handmade laces include needlepoint and bobbin lace, tatting, crochet work, and some fabrics made by netting and darning.
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What especially attracted me about the structure is the double-layering of leaves before sewing, so that an underlayer can be revealed by cutwork and by flaps.
It includes six metal pieces with a cutwork border inspired by tree branches.
imported light fixtures in glass and cast-iron, Belgian glass mirrors, cutwork chandeliers, heavy upholstery;
Influenced by indigenous craft, the embroidery of Venetian courtiers who ruled the country from 1489, and ancient Greek and Byzantine geometric patterns, Lefkara lace is made by hand in designs combining four basic elements: the hemstitch, cutwork, satin filling stitch and needlepoint edging.
Jaune de Chrome has expanded its stainless steel flatware offerings with Fabala, featuring intricate cutwork on its handle.
The doll's dress conforms to the Kiowa Southern Plains style, with fringed and serrated cutwork trim and applied bands of lazy-stitch beadwork decoration and other beaded detail.
Cutwork allowed intricate designs with the clay surface incised and shaded.
Topshop has a pink butterfly lace corset for pounds 25 and a gingham corset for pounds 22, it also has a butterfly cutwork cami top for pounds 20.
In her spacious all-white bedroom are more of her ``finds'' such as a wicker chair rescued from the trash, curtains she made from cutwork tablecloths and chenille bedspreads - plus dainty accessories found on the cheap at the Northridge Flea Market (held on the last Sunday of every month).
Once the card and backing are assembled, the foil is visible through spaces left by the cutwork of each design from the inside of the card.
These chaguaitu (diminutive form of chaguai) often involved cutwork, and sometimes contained additional bangles to create more glitter and sound.