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(inorganic chemistry)
A salt or ester of cyanic acid containing the radical CNO.



a salt or ester of cyanic acid. Cyanate salts, unlike cyanic acid, are very stable compounds: for example, sodium cyanate, NaOCN, has a melting point of 550°C, and potassium cyanate, KOCN, decomposes without melting only at 700°C.

The cyanate salts of the alkali metals are soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol and ether. They are produced by the oxidation of the corresponding cyanides by atmospheric oxygen or by the lead oxides PbO or PbO2. They are used in various syntheses, for example, in the production of semicarbazide. Ammonium cyanate, NH4OCN, which was used by F. Wöhler in the first successful synthesis (1828) of an organic compound (urea) from an inorganic compound, may be obtained in an exchange reaction from silver cyanate and ammonium chloride.

Esters of cyanic acid exist in two isomeric forms: ROCN and RNCO. The cyanate esters (ROCN) do not have practical importance, while isocyanates (RNCO) are used in industry for the production of polyurethanes and herbicides. (SeeISOCYANATES.)


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g] indicates that a lower concentration of moisture was available to hydrolyze the cyanate groups of the outer ply.
A phenolic triazine SMC, using a phenolic-based cyanate ester, is expected to be available from QCI shortly.
The DSC data is plotted with the y-axis normalized with respect to the sample mass (per gram sample) but all calculations are based on the reaction heat normalized with respect to the resin mass (per gram cyanate ester resin).
In a similar way, surface hydroxyl groups (on the bare alumina) have also been shown to form covalent bonds with curing cyanate ester resins (2).
Fiberite 954-1 is a controlled-flow cyanate resin with 300 F wet service capability, which can be formulated for either autoclave or press molding.
From my civilian training, I knew that any cyanate material was a health hazard.
The main activated agarose matrices used Activation Linkage Available Specificity to agarose reactive group of group Cyanogen bromide Isourea Cyanate ester Amine (finally) Carbonyl- Carbamate Imidazolyl Amine diimidazole carbamate Epichloro-hydrin Ether Epoxy SH > [NH.
One day in 1828, he heated up some ammonium cyanate expecting to liberate some cyanide.
oxalate) [greater than] cyanate [greater than] carbonate [greater than] iodide [greater than] bromide [greater than] chloride [greater than] sulfate [greater than] phosphate.
At least two strong polymers called cyanate ester resins approach the FAA's long-term goal of total fire resistance.
Thousands of survivors, as well, were exposed to the deadly Methyl Iso Cyanate (MIC) gas that was accidentally released from a Union Carbide plant, leading to serious long-range health problems and genetic defects.