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Starting in 2016, the company began manufacturing cyanide for the local market at a plant located in Mexico as part of a joint venture with the Mexican company Grupo Idesa.
Chapter Two 4-Hydroxybenzyl Cyanide Up and Down Stream Industry Analysis
There are only a few studies concerning the determination of the levels of cyanide in natural water sources in Turkey.
Minute traces of cyanide have been detected in water samples collected near the Tianjin Port, the Chinese State Oceanic Administration (SOA) said.
Responding to reports of "white foam" on the ground after the rain, Bao said ground water and soil from the reported location had been tested and was found to not contain excessive amounts of cyanide.
Cyanide might not be the first chemical that pops to mind when thinking about environments conducive to life.
About 50 individual features for isopropyl cyanide (and 120 for normal-propyl cyanide, its straight-chain sister molecule) were identified in the ALMA spectrum of the Sagittarius B2 region.
Three months later they secured an order forcing the removal of the cyanide.
Investigators from Zimbabwe's National Parks and Wildlife Authority found cyanide in the water.
began sales of Cyanco's sodium cyanide in Mexico and now operate a distribution terminal in Hermosillo, Mexico.
I can't give you cyanide to kill your husband," replied the stunned pharmacist.
OI Analytical's CNSolution 3100 Cyanide Analyzer performs ASTM D 7511-09e2, automating total cyanide analysis and providing throughput of 30 samples/hr.