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An inflorescence in which the flowers arise from the base of a cuplike involucre.
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a type of inflorescence characteristic of plants of the family Euphorbiaceae. A cyathium consists of a terminal apetalous pistillate flower surrounded by five groups (compound monochasium) of staminate flowers. Each flower has a single stamen whose anther filament is joined to the flower stalk. The inflorescence is enclosed by a cuplike involucre with nectar glands. A cyathium resembles a single flower (anthodium).

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The differences in growth parameters which included number of cyathia, number of flowers, volume of roots, number of leaves, area of leaf, fresh biomass of leaves and bracts, and area of bracts varied depending on the cultivar (Prestige and Sonora Marble) and strain of rhizobacteria in comparison to the control (not inoculated with rhizobacteria).
Euphorbia astyla is a strongly perennial herb with a woody, thickened root and considerably larger cyathia and seeds.
The floral structures are called cyathia. Poinsettias are a short-day plant, and their wintertime blooming makes them a natural for Christmas traditions.
Tiny gold pips in the centre of the bracts are the flowers, called cyathia.