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This may mean putting in place mechanisms to monitor against misuse, infringements, cyber-squatting, and misappropriation of the brand.
There is always a need for deploying efforts to guarantee that there is no gaps in e-payment, which may lead to cyber-squatting on the money.
The bill stipulates a 7-year jail term for all kinds of computer-related frauds, computer-related forgery, and offenses relating to pornography, cyber-stalking and cyber-squatting.
Marti has represented clients in a wide range of cases involving trademarks, false advertising, unfair competition, copyrights, trade secrets, cyber-squatting and computer fraud and abuse matters before various U.
There have been updates made to the Lanham Act, she adds, such as cyber-squatting protection.
As a result, the level of cyber-squatting fell for some years.
This so-called cyber-squatting -- purchasing the URL of someone else's name in order to profit from it in some way -- isn't exactly a new concept.
To prevent so-called cyber-squatting, when people register and sit on a high-profile name in the hope of selling it, gTLD owners will be expected to maintain operational sites.
Cyber-squatting is the most common cause of complaint.
GENEVA: British designer John Galliano, who was sacked by fashion house Christian Dior for his alleged anti-Semitic behaviour, won a cyber-squatting case on Wednesday.
Which isn't surprising given that the number of cyber-squatting sites - ones pretending to be famous brands - increased by 33% last year on top of a 33% increase the year before.
The Trading Standards Institute said the number cyber-squatting sites - fake websites passing themselves off as real - had soared by a third in each of the past two years.