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A deliberate assault against a computer system, mobile device or network. The goal of a cyberattack may be to deny service from a website, penetrate a computer or a network to steal sensitive data, or just plain vandalism.

Millions of Attacks
The world is inundated with hundreds of millions of cyberattacks every year targeting private industry, government and individuals. Every hour of the day, thousands of software agents of all variety scan the Internet looking for vulnerabilities in computers and servers (see bot). Datacenters that hold sensitive information such as banks, Wall Street firms and the military are especially bombarded 24/7 to find an unguarded entry point.

Billions in Damage
Although companies are loathe to publicize data breaches, millions of records are stolen every year by criminal gangs and government espionage. The stolen data are sold on the Dark Web each year making billions of dollars for the attacker and causing substantial damage to the victims. See attacker, attack vector, brute force attack, dictionary attack, denial-of-service attack, replay attack, ransomware, Dark Web, piggybacking, penetration, sabotage, information warfare, malware, virus, Stuxnet, cyber apocalypse and DOD cyberspace glossary.

Eye Opening
For an up-to-date account of cyberattacks, David Sanger's book explains why discovering and mitigating government-targeted cyberattacks have become as important as detecting an incoming missile. Sanger is a national security correspondent for The New York Times. In 2020, HBO launched a documentary based on the book.
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report which alleges that the isolated Asian country uses cyberattacks to fund weapons of mass destruction programs "a fabrication."
* 65% of business owners admit they have been victim of a cyberattack; computer virus attacks are the top type of attack reported at 33%, phishing is number two at 29%.
It is also believed to be more accurate than humans, responding better to insider threats and cyberattacks.
Theft without force such as stealing a wallet or a cell phone constituted 3.6%, while 3.5% were cyberattacks, 3.4% were violent attacks or threats of violence, 2.7% were sexual harassment and 0.3% were sexual assault.
The recent cyberattacks led by US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) in coordination with US Central Command (CENTCOM) against Iranian defense and ballistic missile control systems can be linked to the White House announcement and the issuance of FY19 Cyber Strategy in which USA claimed to go offensive in cyberwarfare while USSTRATCOM is on standby in case of escalation.
The study identifies the true extent of cyberattacks experienced by critical infrastructure operators -- professionals in industries using industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT).
Others may be too small to merit notice on their own or too limited to add appreciably to the deterrent effect of other larger reprisals--for example, a cyberattack simultaneous with a kinetic attack.
Pinsent Masons has handled "hundreds and hundreds" of cybersecurity cases so far, according to Birdsey, who spoke to Construction Week after Italian oil and gas contractor Saipem suffered a cyberattack on 10 December, 2018.
Cyberattacks lie in a dark shadow behind the shiny promise of Industry 4.0: The same technology that allows data to be shared and studied inside an enterprise may be accessed from outside to steal or corrupt that data.
The cyberattacks upset the entire banking industry as around 10 banks suspended international payment services on their debit and credit cards to avoid loss of money.
Also on October 4, UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Jeremy Hunt blamed the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces for organizing a series of cyberattacks that affected people's interests across the globe.