cyclic AMP

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cyclic AMP:

see adenosine monophosphateadenosine monophosphate
(AMP) , organic compound composed of an adenine base, the sugar ribose, and one phosphate unit. AMP is one of the possible products of the hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and is therefore important in the transfer of chemical energy during
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cyclic AMP

[′sīk·lik ¦ā¦em¦pē]
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Role of phosphodiesterases ill and IV in the modulation of vascular cyclic AMP content by the NO/cyclic GMP pathway.
1999) Anandamide and WIN 55212-2 inhibit cyclic AMP formation through G-protein-coupled receptors distinct from CB1 cannabinoid receptors in cultured astrocytes.
Editor's Note: Cyclic AMP and GMP are cyclic nucleotides related to adenine and guanine, two major building blocks in DNA and RNA.
In the 27 subjects in which urinary cyclic AMP was measured, BMD and BMC decreased with increasing age (BMD: p < 0.
In the process of neuropathic pain, p-CREB can bind to specific DNA consensus sequences, including the cyclic AMP (cAMP) response element, and can regulate the expression of immediate-early genes including c-jun (Lamph et al.
Among the pathways, are mTOR signaling, the cyclic AMP pathway, hedgehog signaling, signaling by nuclear receptors, and the hippo pathway.
A little molecule called cyclic AMP raised up her hand; "I'll take charge," she said; "just give me a command; Just release adenylate cyclase, let it act on ATP, Once I'm formed, I can work wonders for a small fee.
According to researchers, the key pathway in this disease is the cyclic AMP pathway, which regulates how cells respond to such signals as hormones.
Nevertheless, past tests had shown that forskolin can rev up production of cyclic AMP, a molecule that's instrumental in producing melanin.
We suggest that altered vasoconstrictor function may be partially explained by modulation in the expression and/or phosphorylation of HSP20 by cyclic AMP dependent pathways.
anthracis infection believed to be the result of one of its two binary toxins, edema toxin, which likely causes edema by increasing cellular levels of cyclic AMP and upsetting water homeostasis (4).

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