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see bicycle racingbicycle racing
or cycling,
an internationally popular sport conducted on closed courses or the open road. Track racing takes place at a velodrome, usually a banked 1,093.6 ft (.333 km) oval.
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(chemical engineering)
A series of operations in petroleum refining or natural-gas processing in which the steps are repeated periodically in the same sequence.
(control systems)
A periodic change of the controlled variable from one value to another in an automatic control system.
(petroleum engineering)
An operation in which gas flowing from a gas reservoir is passed through a processing plant or separation system, with the gas remaining being returned to the reservoir. Also known as oscillation.
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The cycling study showed that much of the growth in cycle use had been higher during the working week, indicating a strong demand for commuter and general purpose cycling in addition to cycling purely for leisure.
The Priority Health Cycling Team, UCI Continental Pro Cycling lineup includes Brian Sheedy, Tom Zirbel, Teddy King, Robbie King, Richard England, Omer Kem, Morgan Schmitt, Ben Jacques-Maynes, Scott Zwinzanski, Graham Howard, Emile Abraham and Garrett Peltonen.
The event schedule includes in-school assemblies, community walks, runs and cycling events.
Cadence Cycling & Multisport Centers, founded in 2004, provides on-site physiological testing, biomechanical services, health and weight loss consultations, and indoor training for athletes of all levels.
Shiner has a well-established relationship with the cycling community here in our home state of Texas, and we are proud to add the Ford Tour de Georgia," said Shamus Hanlon, Shiner's Brand Group Director of Marketing.
USA Cycling is the UCI affiliated National Cycling Federation in United States, and is governing BMX under their umbrella organization National Bicycle League (NBL).
Cyclists can compete either in the handcycling or able-bodied cycling division and take advantage of clinics led by expert Adaptive Adventures instructors, many of whom have disabilities themselves.
The sport of cycling is extremely competitive, and we look at everything from our training to the design of our equipment in order to maximize our performance," said Lance Armstrong.
Nationwide Fundraiser to Showcase Stage 13 of Month-Long Cycling Race; Event Marks the First Ever Viewing of Live Cycling on the Big Screen

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