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(organic chemistry)
C5H10 A cyclic hydrocarbon that is a colorless liquid; present in crude petroleum, it is converted during refining to aromatics which improve antiknock and combustion properties of gasoline.



(also pentamethylene), a saturated alicyclic hydrocarbon having the structural formula

Cyclopentane is one of the simplest cycloalkanes. A colorless liquid with a characteristic odor, it has a boiling point of 49.3°C, a melting point of –93.9°C, and a density of 0.745 g/cm3 at 20°C. Cyclopentane is insoluble in water, but it is miscible with benzene, ether, and acetone. It is a component of petroleums.

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The research study is titled " Global Cyclopentane Market -- Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 -- 2026 " which encloses important data about the production, consumption, revenue and market share, merged with information related to the market scope and product overview.
Tenders are invited for Double Door Frost Free Refrigerator To Work On Single Phase 230V Ac, 50 Hz Stabilizer Free Operation, With Environment Friendly R134a Refrigerant And Cyclopentane Insulation Confirming To Is:1476 Part 1 2000 With Minimum Four Star Rating 310 Litres.
This work will lead to ground-breaking advances when non-strained cycloalkanes (cyclopentane, cyclohexane) will undergo this smooth C-C bond activation with friendly and non toxic organometallic species."
When cyclopentane is used as the blowing agent, the mold cavity is typically flooded with nitrogen before pouring to eliminate ignitable gases.
[ClickPress, Wed Sep 26 2018] Growing need for the environment friendly insulators has led to an upsurge in demand for the cyclopentane products in the global market.
Solstice LBA is nonflammable and is not a volatile organic compound, unlike cyclopentane, an alternative blowing agent.
The primary contenders in North America are hydrofluorocarbons HFC-245fa and, to a lesser extent, HFC-134a (usually with high water levels for co-blowing with CO2), as well as the hydrocarbons cyclopentane, n-pentane, and isopentane.
The project showcased an innovative polyurethane foaming technology for manufacturing the insulation filling of cold appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers, using cyclopentane as a blowing agent.
In North America, HFC-245fa and to a lesser extent HFC-134a are the two key contenders, while cyclopentane, n-pentane, isopentane, and blends of these are the most popular hydrocarbons.
Project Description : Conversion from HCFC-141b to cyclopentane technology in the manufacture of insulation foam in domestic refrigerators at Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd, Bangladesh.
Germany's Elastogran GmbH discussed the performance of appliance foams using cyclopentane and/or EFC-245fa in comparison with foams using HCFC-141b.
Expression of Interest for the Supply, installation and commissioning of the foaming equipment for the replacement of HCFC-141b as foam blowing agent by cyclopentane.