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A disposition marked by alterations of mood between elation and depression out of proportion to apparent external events and stimulated, rather, by internal factors.



the term used in Soviet psychiatry to designate a mild form of manic-depressive psychosis. In other countries the same term is used in psychiatry to designate a variation from the psychic norm—namely, a predisposition to manic-depressive psychosis. The term “cyclothymic constitution” refers to one of the Kretschmer personality types (after the German psychiatrist E. Kretschmer, 1888–1964). As used by the German psychiatrist K. Schneider (1887–1967), the term “cyclothymia” may also refer to all manic-depressive states, ranging from slight fluctuations in mood to pronounced psychotic manifestations.

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Previous studies have reported that hyperthymic, cyclothymic, and irritable temperaments are prominent in patients with BD (28,29).
Cyclothymic disorder also appears in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), published by the World Health Organization.
Cyclothymic disorder: Validating criteria for inclusion in the bipolar affective group.
While her diaries make it clear she realised how lucky she was to have him, her perpetually needy state and cyclothymic depressions made their relationship rather one-sided.
They said it was a cyclothymic, bipolar episode or something like that.
And finally, though the analogy can only be sketched briefly here, the episodes of lurid sexuality and savage violence which break out like summer storms across the Caldwell landscape (and which seem to be the only events capable of rousing Caldwell's characters from their lethargy), may be productively viewed as the work of libidinal energy liberated in mania, the excess of uninhibited behavior which alternates with depression proper in the cyclothymic form of the disease.
He stated further that in these patients there are found a variety of personality traits rated as unstable, very meek, very anxious, cyclothymic or hypochondriac.
Several biographies show that his severe manic-depressive crises or perhaps his cyclothymic symptoms played a role in that withdrawal and silence, while in his youth his hypomanic personality traits (e.
Several studies have found that cyclothymic temperament is more frequent in patients with ADHD (15).
A 2014 study identified 7 risk factors that differentiated BPD from unipolar depression; 4 of these were identifiable at the onset of illness: cyclothymic temperament, family history, young age (<25 years) at onset, and male sex.
Are atypical depression, borderline personality disorder and bipolar II disorder overlapping manifestations of a common cyclothymic diathesis?
8 The DSM-IV TR lists 3 specific subtypes (Bipolar I, Bipolar II and Cyclothymic disorder) and 1 non-specified diagnosis (Bipolar disorder NOS).