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a percussion instrument of indefinite pitch consisting of a thin circular piece of brass, which vibrates when clashed together with another cymbal or struck with a stick
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an orchestral percussion instrument consisting of a brass disk 400 mm in diameter with a leather strap attached to the center on the outside. When struck together in pairs, cymbals produce a prolonged ringing sound.

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Cymbal and Sirkin also anticipate a deal to be locked in shortly for the Midtown space previously known as Bardot and have several Allapattah projects under review at this time as well.
long hits with the bass drum and crash cymbal (allowing the setups to be
The proposed square bandpass filter without slots is designed with the same dimension as the conventional cymbal bandpass filter.
Crouched behind a standard drum kit (a snare drum, a bass drum, a tom-tom, and assorted cymbals), Cleaver used his hands, fingers, and even his elbow on the heads of his various drums even before picking up a pair of drumsticks.
"I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to use for the Sex Cymbal yet," Weller says with a laugh.
Sensing some smugness in this explanation I responded, simply asking the question as to whether the penguin holding a pair of cymbals didn't really bother her, then?
Certainly at the Temple, the priests prophesized to the music of harps, of psalteries, and of cymbals. The carrying of the Holy Ark to Jerusalem by King David was accompanied by the playing of "harps, of tambourines and castanets and with cymbals and trumpets." (II Samuel 6:5, I Chronicles 13:8).
"Cash values will not be protected under most state laws because the insured is not the policy owner and because the insured's spouse and children are not beneficiaries," said Cymbal. "But if cash value protection is important in such cases, then you may want to implement a split-dollar plan.
In the new study, the downbeat consisted of a simultaneous bass drum and cymbal sound.
The two side sections showed his open arms, with a cymbal in each hand.
Roy Haynes's ride cymbal is the loudest feature of the mix, and even though the rest of the band's instruments sound quite good, the cymbal sounds as if it were recorded on a different track using a different machine--a cassette recorder, perhaps?