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, czar
1. (until 1917) the emperor of Russia
2. Informal a public official charged with responsibility for dealing with a certain problem or issue
3. (formerly) any of several S Slavonic rulers, such as any of the princes of Serbia in the 14th century



(also, czar; from the latin caesar, the title used by the Roman emperors), in Russia and Bulgaria, the official title of the monarch. In Russia the title of tsar was first adopted by Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) in 1547. From 1721 the Russian tsars adopted the title of emperor. In Bulgaria the monarchs bore the title of tsar from the end of the 19th century to the proclamation of the People’s Republic in 1946.

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In what stands as the most thorough examination of the legal challenges potentially posed by czars, Mitchel Sollenberger and Mark Rozell (2012, 7) define a czar as "an executive branch official who is not confirmed by the Senate and is exercising final decision-making authority that often entails controlling budgetary programs, administering/coordinating a policy area, or otherwise promulgating rules, regulations, and orders that bind either government officials and/or the private sector.
Czar People pose for the portable tripod camera in their everyday working dress or children gather in dusty village square for their daily lesson with a teacher who was probably an itinerant pedagogue walking from village to village and lodging meanwhile with a generous landowner (you find such a character in Chekhov's play Uncle Vanya.
Czars are a constitutional aberration, a direct violation of the core principles of a system of separation of powers and government accountability.
Any list of so-called czars is to some extent subjective, since the word "czar" is not in any official title and which positions qualify for the designation may be debatable.
Bobby's signature is worth up to pounds 200 Russian czar Nicholas II and his family
Bill Clinton added czars for healthcare and AIDS, while George W.
Obama and his many czars need to understand that there is no way to outlaw greed and shortsightedness.
At the trial, Czar argued that the CFA did not apply because the Heath's home was a new residence, and the HIPR exclude "the construction of a new residence" from the definition of "home improvement.
PRINCESS OLGA Eldest child was gunned down; PRINCESS MARIA Rumours said she escaped massacre; PRINCESS ANASTASIA The mystery 4th princess; CZAR NICHOLAS II The last Romanov.
Through narrating the life of Zare, the writer sheds light upon the corruption and theft during the time of Russian Czar; it reflects on how the Kurdish people were oppressed under the power of the rulers, the corrupt policies and administration of the Czar, and the suffering inflicted upon the people by their Sheikhs and rulers
Asked if the appointment of a new manufacturing czar was one of them, he was noncommittal, saying only that "certainly we are better off with him than without him.