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direct current

In an electric circuit, a current that flows in one direction only. Also see alternating current.
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The D-C senior made the free throw with 28 seconds left to tie the game at 41.
In the middle of the series is the PC 5/08, a modular unit available with either 110-v a-c or 24-v d-c power.
The win lifted D-C into a three-way tie for second place with Hampshire and Huntley (10-5, 5-2).
Control action either a 5A relay, 4-20mA current, or a pulsed 24 v d-c to drive a solid-state relay.
The triumph at Jacobs was D-C's first since a 67-43 win on Feb.
The liquid-cooled d-c servo motors (supplied by Powertec Industrial Corp., Rocky Hill, S.C.) are said to offer high torque at all speeds, matching the cycle times of hydraulic toggle machines.
Prospect (10-5) scored 11 points in the stanza to D-C's 9 and turned the ball over two times to the Chargers' five.
Model AN2406 has the same features for RTD inputs and likewise Model AN2400 for d-c voltage or current transmitter input.
*The required large volumes of cooling air may contaminate open-frame d-c motors with dirt, moisture, or corrosive chemicals.
"We wanted to up the defensive intensity in the second half with our trap," said the D-C coach.
Offers a broad line of scr-based power controls and contactors to control a-c and d-c power to regulate electric heating.
On the extra point attempt, Raby picked up the botched snap and found Jack Michalski in the end zone for the 2-point conversion and D-C led 8-0.