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Under the current zeolite nomenclature, dachiardite from the original type locality in Elba is dachiardite-Ca and the sodium analog is dachiardite-Na with Alpe di Siusi as the type locality (Coombs et al.
1975) Sodium-rich dachiardite from Alpe de Siusi, Italy.
The rest of the book is dedicated to the descriptive mineralogy of Elba, the type locality of seven species (elbaite, ilvaite, poilucite, dachiardite, bonattite, minguzzite and the recently described uranopolycrase).
Most of these are well known, such as elbaire, beryl, dachiardite, orthoclase, petalite, pollucite and spessartite.
The type localities for no less than eight of the approximately 49 known zeolites (barrerite, dachiardite, gismondine, merlinoite, montesommaite, phillipsite, pollucite, and willhendersonite) are within its borders.