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1. Prosody a metrical foot of three syllables, one long followed by two short (— ⌣ ⌣)
2. Zoology any digit of a vertebrate


(dak -tăl) See Ida.



in syllabotonic versification (including Russian), a three-syllable foot in which the stress falls on the first syllable (- - -). An example of the dactyl in Russian verse is

Tuchkĭ nĕ/ besny̆ĕ,/ vechny̆ĕ/ strannĭkĭ!

Step’i͝u la,/ zurnǒi ̆u,/ tsep’i͝u zhĕm/ chuzhnǒi͝u . ..


In ancient metrics the dactyl was a three-syllable foot with a duration of four morae made up of one long syllable and two short syllables (---).

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The door between Forget Me Not and Dactyl had a square glass window.
The view I put forward there may account for the "dignified" quality of the spondaic substitution in hexameter verse; the present argument accounts for the "dignified" quality of the dactyl.
Longevity and change in shell condition of adult male snow crab inferred from dactyl wear and mark-recapture data.
Normally, the intact 4-digit dactyl plate should be recognized at stage HH26.
Pop posers: 1 Billy Bragg; 2 Terry Dactyl; 3 Seaside Shuffle by Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs; 4 Undertones; 5 Odyssey; 6 Saturday Nite; 7 Belinda Carlisle; 8 Brian Harvey, 9 East 17; 10 Ray Charles's.
ku), while the pentasyllabic form saladusliku consists of an initial dactyl (sa.
Neck Face's Closed Casket 666 exhibit was at Dactyl Foundation in New York City.
musical meter) responses of composers to various poetic meters, the effect of various styles of musical declamation on the original form and punctuation of the poetry, the implications of enjambment for musical settings (and the consequences of certain types of musical setting for enjambment), the rediscovery by poets of the dactyl and its musical results, and many other matters central to the more practical aspects of setting poetry to music.
Perhaps, one double dactyl leading to another, some then would have picked up a copy of the novel Tumbling in the Hay [1939], in which Gogarty turns the authorial tables on Joyce in depicting a jejune Dublin aesthete with the familiar name of "Kinch.
The poet uses a wide variety of forms, metric lengths, number of stanza and number of lines--mixed iambic, dactyl, troche, and anapestic.
The dactyl formula ranges from 0, 4-8, I, 3-4 (5), while the propodus formula is 0, i, 3-6, I, (2) 3-4.
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