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daddy longlegs,

name applied to the harvestmanharvestman,
arachnid, often called daddy longlegs because of its eight long, slender legs. The harvestman has a rounded or oval body possessing glands that give off an acrid scent.
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, an arachnid, and to the crane flycrane fly,
true fly resembling a mosquito, often called daddy longlegs because of its six long, delicate legs. (The harvestman, also called daddy longlegs, belongs to an unrelated order.) Most species of crane flies have a single pair of wings and slender bodies.
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, an insect.
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Ken Pascoe had another good week out on the bottom pond when he boated a limit followed by catches of seven and then three all falling for a drowned daddy longlegs fly.
Daddy longlegs prefer the warmth of homes and cannot survive outside in the winter months.
"When the summer is warmer, they have more chance of wandering between houses and colonising that way." Daddy longlegs prefer the warmth of homes and cannot survive outside in the winter months.
When I took the Daddy Longlegs outside, I saw the second spider, a huntsman, which had four legs on one side and one on the other (Fig.
And this is where Dall would insert daddy longlegs. For with each identification, the opportunity also arises for new vaccines or other prevention strategies and effective treatments, as in the case of many known viruses, including the formidable HIV.
I would wipe them out and they would be back the next day--that is, until a daddy longlegs took up residence in my bathroom.
Other creatures that come include red velvet mites, daddy longlegs, and a chipmunk.
According to urban legend, the daddy longlegs is one of the most poisonous spiders around.
Even the good Lord might not expect us to be truly grateful for a squelch of fat and gristle, served under a squirt of red sauce and a heavy sweat of onions, all squashed in a pale bun," I whispered to myself, while resting my weary bottom on the remnants of the old air raid shelter wall in our back garden - opposite the brick tool shed, where at that moment a daddy longlegs was advancing along the roof-lip with considerable aplomb, though he had chosen to make this journey to the outside loo in an upsidedown position.
For their latest feature, the hazily autobiographical Daddy Longlegs, they've mined the tumultuous joy of their childhood with a well meaning but haphazard divorced dad.
The water has been fishing well with a rod average of three and another 13lb fish was caught from the bank at Cocks Close by Maxstoke's Adrian Cooper, with Hare's Ears and Daddy Longlegs also working well.
Spiders: We're set for more spiders and daddy longlegs than usual this autumn thanks to more of the blighters breeding in last year's wet weather.