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Dalapon is absorbed by the roots and leaves and then translocate via both the symplastic and apoplastic systems throughout the plants via phloem and xylem.
1992) reported that transgenic Nicotiana plumbaginifolia plants expressed bacterial dehI that resist to Dalapon.
RC1 will be expressed in the plant system and thus allowing the development of herbicide tolerance plant to Dalapon.
The response of Bromusdiandrus and Loliumrigidum to Dalapon and glyphosate I: baseline sensitivity.
Use Pesticides Tree pests DDT, daconil, dieldrin, gardona, malathion, methoxychlor, Sevin, Sevin-4-oil, Sevin XLR, Sevin XLR Plus Cranberry 2,4-D, 2,4,5-T, 2,4,5-TP, acephate, aldrin, cultivation minotriazole, azinphos-methyl, carbaryl, chlordane, chlorothalonil, chlorpropham, chlorpyrifos, cupric hydroxide, dalapon, DDT, diazinon, dichlobenil, dieldrin, diquat, ethephon, ferbam, fluazifop-butyl, glyphosate, heptachlor, kerosene/fuel oil as agent, malathion, mancozeb, methoxychlor, napropamide, naptalam, norflurazon, p-dichlorobenzene, parathion, phaltan, piperonyl butoxide, propargite, pyrethrum soap/dust, rotenone, ryania, sethoxydim, simazine, Stoddard solvent, thiram, triclopyr, zineb, ziram Mosquito control Abate (temephos), DDT, methoxychlor Table 2.
Determination of Haloacetic Acids and Dalapon in Drinking Water by Liquid-Liquid Extraction, Derivatization and Gas Chromatography with Electron Capture Detection.