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In Persian and Indian architecture, a veranda, or sometimes a more stately reception hall, more or less open to the weather, with a roof carried on columns, or the like.
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According to the details, one wild poliovirus has been isolated from a stool sample of 18 months old girl, resident of Mainij Khel UC Dallan, Tehsil Thal, District Hangu.
One of the suspects first abducted the victim girl outside her house in Dallan Jotar, native village of Tharparkar and then took her in an empty house where he along with his associates raped that girl and also made video of the incident too.
"As well as risking his own safety, he also took a lot of resources off the streets and away from others who may have desperately needed a Dallan Tearse prior to the police response - despite him having no chance of evading arrest.
There was Dallan Goodman, Fredrick Frog Bergren and Nick De Witt on FMX bikes.
According to the letter the SDEO inspected GGPS Dallan No-1, GGPS Dallan-2, GGPS Darsamand, GGPS Jamburi Banda, GGPS Ghandi Darsamand No-1, GGPS Sarokhel, GGPS Mehmood Abad, GGPS Dappa Khel, GGPS Gawar Ghundi, GGPS Darshi, GGPS Maroofi Banda, GGPS Zarguri, GGPS Azizabad, GGPS Shna Warai, GGPS Nayaan Banda, GGPS Toot Kas, GGPS Mehboob Banda and GGPS Mamo Banda.
Ate recentemente, o diagnostico das neoplasias cardiacas era feito por meio de exames necroscopicos, na maioria dos casos (DALLAN, et al, 1988).
Large School Girls: 1 Hannah Silcock (Booker), 2 Hannah Johnson (Woolton), 3 Isabel Dallan (St Austin's).
Dallan Jennet, a 14-year-old from the Marshall Islands, fell onto a live power line when he was 9, burning his entire face and losing his nose.
Kangan and Upper Dalan gas-bearing Fms held 72% of the field's reserves and another 28% belonged to the Dallan gas Fm.
Las Vegas 8, Philadelphia 1: Dallan Cave and Brennan Holligan hit two-run homers, lefty reliever Austin Kryszczuk got out of two big jams, and Las Vegas beat Philadelphia and star pitcher Mo'ne Davis in the Little League World Series on Wednesday night in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
15%); TEaves 23-208 (11%); DAllan 13-93 (14%); B McHugh 83 (14%); RWinston 10-64 (16%); J Sullivan 7-120 (6%); G Gibbons 6-72 (8%).