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We are in the process of testing hardware to commence the development of a virtual reality damage control scenario later this year, says Woolley.
The time wasted with crisis management and damage control could be better used devising a new strategy.
8220;The main objectives of damage control resuscitation are to be able to control the airway and breathing, intravenous fluids, blood and blood products infusion, in addition to performing initial emergency surgery to gain control over the source of bleeding and or contamination,” continues Dr Zaghloul.
In Summary, keeping a low index of suspicion for and to recognize shock, using critical criteria to identify the critical 10%, to resuscitate immediately to devote attention to haemostatic resuscitation, to provide volume that also restores the haemostatic cascade, to minimize crystalloid and stop the bleeding should be the cornerstones of damage control resuscitation.
Overall, Kitts argues, the story of presidential commissions is the story of presidential attempts at damage control.
Whitewash is as good a description as any, but others also come to mind: cover-up, diversion, damage control, scapegoating, delaying strategy.
Via starts with some damage control by arguing that the Old Testament prohibition of male homosexual acts (lesbianism never gets mentioned) is more a matter of "uncleanness" than sin (and from a New Testament standpoint "the physical cannot defile").
I compiled a list of possible damage control measures I intend on using that I hope will be useful in extricating ourselves from this tar baby.
Nearly every function of the ship, from navigation and steering to engine and damage control, is conducted and monitored using commercial, off-the-shelf hardware and software.
The administration, desperate to save the program, went into "high damage control," notes Dempsey.
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